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With the spread of COVID-19 still a major concern for business activity in South Africa, it is essential that employees and workplaces are protected with appropriate sanitising solutions.

To meet this demand, health and safety systems engineer Hygiene Hero has partnered with The BioConsulting (the manufacturers of Organic Fresh) to offer a cost-effective alternative to alcohol-based solutions.

Organic Fresh is a chemical-free liquid made from a sophisticated complex of botanical bioflavonoids and other extracts of botanical origin .

With Organic Fresh dispensed through one of Hygiene Hero’s many purpose-made systems, companies can effectively rely on its sanitising properties and action to inhibit contamination and cross-contamination of their employees and customers.

Organic Fresh has also shown to contain flavonoids that effectively inhibit the latching and replication of corona-type viruses – similar to the type responsible for the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Why alcohol is not ideal

While it’s true that alcohol-based sanitisers can disinfect COVID-19 for a very short time since alcohol evaporates very quickly, these substances can also be very harmful and outright dangerous to human health.

This is because alcohol destroys microbiomes – the bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses that live on and inside the human body – which are crucial for good health. This leaves the individual potentially even more exposed to additional contamination and infection.

Alcohol-based sanitiser is also very unhealthy for use on the hands or anywhere on open skin. This is because alcohol dissolves the natural protective oils on the skin and leaves the skin dry.

With continued use alcohol also penetrates the skin and reacts with the lipid cells under the skin (cells that produce the natural oils for the skin). The direct result of this is that the skin tends to dry out and separate from the rest of the hand.

This is very dangerous and results in serious health issues that cause severe discomfort.

This means it is limited to lowering the risk of transmission via physical contact, and offers no benefit in stopping airborne transmission.

Current research shows that the virus can remain in the air for between three to eight hours after being expelled from the mouth or nose – thereby prolonging the risk of infection.

Organic Fresh

Organic Fresh is proven to be capable of effectively inhibiting the replication of corona-type viruses that are currently responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak whilst strengthening the human immune system’s ability to fight the virus and other infections, said Hygiene Hero.

Organic Fresh has been researched and developed over the course of 15 years and is duly certified and approved as sanitiser. It is currently used in various formulations and applications – including for sanitising in the food and agricultural industry – the company said.

Research suggests that while Organic Fresh eradicates dangerous pathogens, it drastically increased the total count of healthy lactic acid bacteria – which help boost the human immune system and increases the protective layer of beneficial microbes on the skin.

When dispensed in a spraying solution, its anti-virus protective activity starts in the air and if inhaled through the mouth or nose, is carried through all the airways into the lungs, where it continues its preventative actions whilst enhancing the health of the cells it engages with.

In-depth research and development

In order to deploy Organic Fresh effectively, Hygiene Hero spent months researching and developing the best possible delivery method.

“We found that many people are attempting similar products, but using the cheapest pump they can buy, sticking a nozzle on it and spraying any old disinfectant through it, is not the answer,” Hygiene Hero CEO Ben van Vuuren explained.

“Apart from the possible impact on the very sensitive mucous membranes of our eyes and nose, disinfectants can kill the good bacteria we all have on our skin, which helps prevent us from getting sick.”

“It was of utmost importance to us to find the most effective delivery system using the correct sanitising solution,” Van Vuuren said.

The company needed to ensure the product was delivered into the air and onto a surface in a way that would not alter its chemical composition and therefore its effectiveness.

After numerous tests and fine-tuning, Hygiene Hero perfected its misting solution, which uses an appropriate amount of pressure to dispense Organic Fresh safely and effectively.

Diverse delivery systems

Hygiene Hero can customise its solutions to sanitise spaces, people and objects according to the needs of their clients.

Delivery systems available include a cubicle or booth, sanitation mat, a conveyor belt add-on and in-vehicle dispersion solutions.

Click here to visit the Hygiene Hero website.

Please note: This is an advertorial, paid for by the company listed below. This article does not reflect the opinion of MyBroadband or its staff. Always consult a medical professional for advice on health products.

This article was published in partnership with Hygiene Hero.

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