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Learn how Genesys Cloud improved customer experience at SA Home Loans

SA Home Loans recently partnered with Genesys to present a webinar on its journey from Customer Service to Customer Experience.

SA Home Loans Managing Executive of Client Experience Leigh Moon and SA Home Loans Senior Manager for Client Experience, Product and Research, Antonie Fourie presented how Genesys Cloud allows SA Home Loans to achieve its vision to deliver an “amazing home loan experience”.

The benefits of the cloud

Contact centres have evolved to a point where a cloud-based solution is the only logical choice for your business.

The cloud enables you to scale your contact centre resources in accordance with your needs and makes it easy to manage a variety of newer communication platforms – such as email, social media, messaging, and chat bots.

Cloud contact centres also provide your business with the full benefits of artificial intelligence (AI).

AI allows businesses to develop customer profiles and ensure that their contact centre staff are not dealing with tedious processes that could be automated.

By focusing on the tasks that matter, your contact centre staff will be able to provide human, in-depth assistance to the customers who truly need it.

Customers will only need to make their query once, and it will be available to all agents who deal with the user, as well as any automated systems that they encounter.

Case study

The SA Home Loans webinar took place as part of Corinium’s Customer360 Africa Online event.

It contained the following insights:

  • How SA Home Loans was able to deliver on its promise by keeping the customer ‘front and centre.’
  • How SA Home Loans was able to offer effective client engagement through Genesys Cloud.
  • How the ongoing journey of customer-centricity at SA Home Loans continues to be enabled through Genesys Cloud.

Genesys has made this webinar available to anyone who wishes to gain these valuable insights.

To watch the webinar, click here.

This article was published in partnership with Genesys.

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Learn how Genesys Cloud improved customer experience at SA Home Loans