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The biggest technology trends post-COVID-19, and how your business should adapt

Understanding the momentous shift

By now, we’ve talked at length about the implications and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it cannot be stressed enough how far-reaching the eventual effects for the business world are.

Even the most accurate predictions turned out to be underestimations at best.

When it comes to how your business can successfully navigate the rocky landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, a pandemic-adjusted, technology-savvy approach should be at the forefront of your change management arsenal.

The technology industry has weathered past crises and found novel ways to emerge stronger each time. In fact, tech companies have led the way on a variety of strategies other industries are now using to cope in this crisis. This crisis might well spark further creativity and innovation. [PWC, COVID-19 and the technology industry]

To fully grasp the magnitude of the changes, as well as potentially leverage them for the benefit of your business, we need to plot the most significant trends as powered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accelerated digital experiences

With the global population migrating online during lockdown periods, we’re seeing an unprecedented rise in social media activations, e-commerce activity and general digital interactions. Never before has it been more imperative to deliver a seamless, dare we say sensational online experience for your audience.

According to the latest Accenture trend report on the matter, the need for digital platforms and experiences will continue to accelerate in the future. The enterprises that start building personalised, interactive, and shared virtual communities today can carry that success far into the future.

Remote working and collaboration become mainstream

One of the most obvious rising trends was remote working, due to staff members being confined to their homes for extended periods of time.

“It’s critical for business leaders to understand that large-scale shifts are changing how people work and how business gets done,” said Brian Kropp, Distinguished Vice President, Gartner. “HR and technology leaders who respond effectively can ensure their organisations stand out from competitors.”

Innovation at the speed of light

In the short-term, the pandemic is putting ecosystems through an innovation stress test. COVID-19 is pushing companies to work together in new ways, creating industry-wide innovation.

Creating smooth and seamless pipelines through which innovation can flow should be at the top of your priority list when reimagining your technology stack in the months to come.

The time to act is now

For South African SMEs already having to contend with a contracting economy, additional shocks from COVID-19 are putting further pressure on their operations. According to the latest statistics by McKinsey, analysts are predicting that around 60% of SMEs may close before the crisis is over.

Agile and relevant technology solutions might just be the saving grace not only for individual business owners but also for some industries and sectors as a whole.

Infoprotect leads the way in technology innovation

To meet these challenges, organisations will need to be innovative and redefine themselves. People are depending on technology more than ever. How quickly and responsibly enterprises deploy it matters more than ever, too.

With decades of collective experience in optimising businesses’ use of existing and new technology systems, local technology service provider Infoprotect is your ideal business partner in making sure your company not only survives but also thrives during the times to come.

Infoprotect delivers an integrated one-stop solution in the areas of managed services, security, connectivity, telephony, software and various complimenting custom designs to make your business COVID-proof and future-ready.

Contact the Infoprotect team today and find out how your business can adjust to make this a time of accelerated growth.

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The biggest technology trends post-COVID-19, and how your business should adapt