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How a telecoms provider created the most successful marketing campaign this year

The economic downturn has forced many companies to optimise their marketing spend and focus on performance above all else.

Considering the need to achieve the highest possible return on investment (ROI), it is not surprising that most companies have moved their advertising online.

Nielsen’s recent Media ROI Benchmarks report for South Africa shows that digital advertising spend gives companies the best return on investment.

It is, however, not only online banners which outperform traditional mediums like print, radio, TV and outdoor billboards.

New forms of digital advertising, like content marketing and social media, have gained traction in the local market in recent years.

Many companies are now building marketing campaigns exclusively using online marketing channels – and achieving exceptional success.

The most successful campaign on MyBroadband

One of South Africa’s top telecoms providers built an online-only marketing campaign in partnership with MyBroadband this year, which has outperformed all other campaigns.

Instead of trying to reach everyone which could be interested in their products, the company zoned in on a single group of users.

They identified this group of users as having a particularly strong demand for the provider’s products.

The next step was to design and execute a campaign which targeted the desired group of users. Here is what they did:

  1. Created brand awareness among the target audience using display advertising and section takeovers in the content which the target audience liked.
  2. Published sponsored articles which spoke to this target audience (instead of a generic message).
  3. Amplified the reach of these articles through social media posts.
  4. Used targeting tools to ensure the specific group of users saw and engaged with the sponsored articles.

The results were exceptional. The engagement with the campaign was 200% higher than with standard campaigns and lead-generation was 300% higher than usual.

What set this marketing campaign apart from similar campaigns was its simplicity and narrow focus.

It used a single message, tried and tested advertising channels, and a very suitable target audience.

This simple strategy not only resulted in an exceptional performance, it also cut down on the cost to plan and execute the campaign.

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How a telecoms provider created the most successful marketing campaign this year