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The best multi-cloud storage solution for your business

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate – including their data storage habits.

While many businesses still use legacy systems such as tapes for their storage needs, it has become evident that the future is in the cloud.

However, simply switching to a full cloud solution is not the only option available, and introduces the risk of lock in.

Through Veritas Access Software Defined Storage, you can access on-premises and tiered-to-cloud retention of unstructured data, which provides optimal access, independence, and cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of software defined storage

Software defined storage solutions like Veritas’s Access Software Defined Storage solution offer an extensive range of benefits.

If your storage is software defined, it can be scaled up or down as your business requires – making you flexible to change.

This also ensures that you aren’t paying for resources you aren’t using.

Another way you will save money is by being able to get rid of legacy technologies in a long-term strategy that doesn’t require your business to take immediate losses.

Additionally, using the multi-cloud support offered by this solution lets you build your own private cloud, or provision cloud storage platforms as low-cost storage, across a range of leading cloud service providers.

Nexio multi-cloud

Whether you need a public, private, or hybrid cloud networking and storage environment, integrating all your cloud requirements into the Nexio Digital Platform simplifies management, control, and provisioning within a multi-cloud ecosystem.

Nexio offers complete migration and will implement your services for you to ensure your environment is modern and your ecosystems are optimised.

They offer extensive insight into infrastructure and services optimisation and map your needs to the services and solutions that make the most of your current and future resources.

Benefits of a well-managed multi-cloud architecture include:

  • Reduced time, cost, and risks in your digital transformation journey.
  • Connect IT systems to business units to access the benefits of the cloud almost immediately.
  • Simplify your operations across multiple cloud products.
  • Access flexible and on-demand access to resources for scalability.
  • Take various solutions and streamline them through a single software defined solution.

Contact Nexio today

Nexio is a trusted South African business systems aggregator that works with leading technology companies across a broad range of industries.

It is focused on ensuring your business is not hindered by legacy technologies, and instead helps your business to focus on the future.

Nexio’s multi-cloud solutions are the obvious data storage choice for your business and work fantastically in combination with Veritas Access Software Defined Storage.

Click here to learn more about How Veritas Access Software Defined Storage and Nexio can help your business.

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The best multi-cloud storage solution for your business