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Building customer experiences for South Africa’s digital future

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred the biggest ever digital training course for businesses, showing that they must adapt their solutions to offer improved customer experiences for new consumer habits.

Digital interfaces have suddenly become integral to every aspect of life – whether this is in working from home, consuming entertainment, communication with friends and family, shopping, and more.

Businesses had mere weeks to adapt to these new customer habits, a process which might have taken years under normal circumstances.

To ensure their future success, they now need to start considering which of these customer habits will remain a part of daily life and which will disappear.

During a recent Genesys/IDG webinar, a reputed customer centricity expert from the Benelux region, Steven Van Belleghem, presented a vision of the customer experience of “the day after tomorrow”.

Hybrid solutions

Van Belleghem believes that very soon every customer interaction in the world will have a digital component, even in cases where businesses are completely operational in the offline world.

“There is a huge invisible layer of digital applications that is growing in importance every single day. It’s that combination that is the new world,” Van Belleghem explained.

Combining the offline and online worlds presents a hybrid model for doing business, which Van Belleghem said can offer a flawless customer experience.

One example of this is ecommerce giant Amazon’s launch of Amazon Go stores, which allow customers to walk into a store, take products, and walk out without having to go through checkout.

Using smart technology that sees what you take off the shelves, Amazon is able to charge your bank account or credit card the applicable amounts, eliminating the need for you to stand in a queue to pay.

“It’s an offline experience, but there’s an invisible digital layer on top of it that is really improving our entire convenience and experience as a customer,” Van Belleghem said.

The important technologies

According to Van Belleghem, four general purpose technologies can potentially change every industry and the way businesses interact with their customers.

“In the next 10 to 15 years it’s going to be about artificial intelligence, 5G, quantum computing and robotics,” he said.

“We should keep our eye on the customer and use them as the guiding star and use the technology as the enabler,” Van Belleghem noted.

These technologies create the opportunity to offer three core customer experience benefits:

  • Faster than real-time – Allows solving of problems before the customer knows they exist.
  • Hyper personalisation – Catering to the individual needs of each customer as opposed to the average customer.
  • Convenience – Offering the ultimate in a convenient purchasing and after-sales experience.

Areas of investment

Van Belleghem said there is a real need for companies to invest to improve customer experience in the following areas:

  • Leveraging data to improve the customer experience.
  • Evolving effortless customer interfaces.
  • Improving employee performance with smart technology.

To learn more about how to invest in these areas to enhance your company’s customer experience offering, you can watch the full webinar below.

Click here to download the full Genesys/IDG customer experience webinar now, or complete the form below.

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Building customer experiences for South Africa’s digital future