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The pioneering women who are innovating and inspiring the tech industry

Augusta Ada King, Mary Keller, Adele Goldberg – what do these names mean to you?

To us, they speak of unsung heroes, pioneers of the tech industry that inspired the creation of the very machine you are reading this piece of material from right now.

They are the very women that saw through the veil, peered into the future, and against all odds – used their wisdom, intellect and drive to innovate in a space many believed they had no right working in.

RSAWEB is celebrating women in tech at their next webinar

For Women’s month this August, RSAWEB is hosting a webinar that seeks to celebrate South African women in technology on Friday the 7th of August.

RSAWEB’s motivations for doing so are quite glaring. Did you know that, not only in South Africa, but globally women are highly underrepresented in the wide, wonderful and ever-evolving world of technology?

As an industry that thrives off innovation and the willingness to progress, it should surely be represented by half the population, shouldn’t it? A recent study carried out by the Women In Tech initiative brought to light that out of around 236,000 technology-related jobs in South Africa, only 23% of them are currently held by women.

Another study conducted in 2017 called the “Global Gender Gap Report” showed us that only 13% of South African graduates in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) space for that year were female.

Mindsets need shifting, and current female tech giants need to leverage their success, passions, and knowledge to inspire future females in the industry.

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Meet the inspiring women speaking at RSAWEB’s upcoming webinar

RSAWEB have gathered a group of like-minded female Titans in South Africa’s technology industry to share their innovative thoughts around South Africa’s tech space, and their experiences of being a leader in an industry that seems to be dominated by men.

These are the panelists involved in the RSAWEB Women in Tech Webinar:

Carey van Vlaanderen – CEO at ESET Southern Africa

Carey van Vlaanderen has been the fearless leader and CEO of ESET Southern Africa for the last 11 years.

Her business journey started just after she left University when she joined the founders of a tech company now known as 4Di Group.

From there, Carey moved over to ESET Southern Africa where she would forge a path forward for the company, helping transform it into one of South Africa’s leading and most advanced cybersecurity solutions.

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Sharon Vergotine  – Head of IT: Robotic Process Automation & Cognitive Services at Old Mutual South Africa

With strategic and operational experience in Business and IT partnerships, Sharon Vergotine currently heads up IT for Robotic Process Automation & Cognitive Services at Old Mutual. Sharon’s focus is unlocking the value of emerging technologies to drive automation and digitisation adoption.

Her responsibilities include defining and implementing group-wide strategies for AI, RPA, and Innovation at Old Mutual, establish Technology Centre of Excellence, deliver savings targets and ensure scalable and mature technology automation capability.

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Nomfundo Ndlanya – Business Technology Manager: South and Sub-Saharan Africa at Johnson & Johnson

Working for one of the largest multinational corporations in the world is no mean feat – and neither is holding the title of Business Technology Manager for South and Sub-Saharan Africa at Johnson & Johnson.

On top of this, Nomfundo is skilled in business partnering, delivering on practical IT strategies, streamlining business processes, and is well versed in the Software Development Life Cycle planning process.

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Omeshnee Naidoo – Director of Information Systems at the City of Cape Town

Omeshnee Naidoo is the current Director of Information Systems at the City of Cape Town. She has worked in the Information and Communication Technology industry for close to two decades.

Omeshnee has experience consulting businesses around the world on diverse and innovative system and strategy implementations. She also has experience implementing enterprise resource planning and is proud to be considered one of South Africa’s top digital transformation experts.

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Lisa Strydom – Manager of Channels: Africa at Veeam Software

As the African Channel Manager Lead for Veeam, Lisa Strydom oversees the strategy for the Africa channel from on-premises solutions to the cloud offerings in Veeam’s portfolio. Last year she focused on data breaches and ransomware incidents in the hopes of positioning Veeam as the go-to software companies use to mitigate these attacks.

In 2017, Lisa won the Veeam EMEA Channel Manager Award – a prestigious accolade that saw her outshine other channel managers from around the globe. She makes a great addition to the Webinar’s lineup.

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Wendy Bailey – Business Unit Head at RSAWEB

As a Business Unit Head at RSAWEB, Wendy is in charge of making sure that the company’s consumer product range remains competitive, relevant and sustainable.

Being in the tech industry, she keeps her gaze focused on the customer journey, and effortlessly implements change and improvement strategies.

She also executes sales plans, manages sales pipelines, and ensures that RSAWEB’s products remain competitive in a fierce and saturated market.

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For this Women in Tech webinar, RSAWEB are using some of their female staff to represent. The master of ceremonies will be RSAWEB’s Head of Enterprise, Leonore Lotz, and is coordinated and arranged by RSAWEB’s female marketing members: Kayla Siden (Head of Creative) and Valeria Zvinawashe (Project Manager).

Book your spot at this inspiring and uplifting Webinar, where RSAWEB will seek to celebrate Women’s Month through having innovative and rewarding conversations with some of South Africa’s leading women in tech.

  • Date: Friday, 7th of August 2020
  • Time: 10:30 AM
  • RSVP today

Don’t miss out on this momentous occasion, join RSAWEB and other leading figures in tech at this inspiring webinar

This article was published in partnership with RSAWEB.

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The pioneering women who are innovating and inspiring the tech industry