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Hisense 2020 4K ULED range launched – Top TVs at the best prices

South Africa’s top selling TV brand Hisense is launching its latest range of impressive 4K ULED TVs.

Its 2020 range comes packed with stunning picture quality, immersive audio, and sophisticated AI and smart features to deliver true #BeautyBeyondTheScreen.

The 2020 range includes three new models – the Premium U8QF, Elite U7QF, and Classic U7WF. 

Bright whites and deep blacks

The top two new models – the U8QF and U7QF – boast Hisense’s Full Array Local Dimming Pro, which uses hundreds of LED backlight zones to adjust and create contrast based on each image.

More LEDs with a denser structure work together seamlessly, precisely managing individual areas of pixels from edge to edge, presenting richer and more intense blacks and pinpointing and intensifying highlights.

This translates to gorgeous picture quality with an incredible HDR effect.

The U8QF in particular comes with a 1,000-nit brightness and is a certified HDR10+ product. This means shadows and highlights are visibly clearer, and the colours are dramatically more vibrant.

The U8QF also runs a scene-by-scene adjustment sequence for brightness levels, colour saturation, and contrast to produce an image that is far more realistic.

Billions of colours

Both the U8QF and U7QF also feature Quantum Dot Technology, which enables the TVs to reproduce more than one billion shades of colour.

This technology gives you a real-feel when watching your favourite program.

The spectral line width of the light emitted by quantum dots is far narrower than that of conventional materials, which means the three primary colours—red, green and blue—can be more clearly distinguished compared to conventional TVs.

As a result, colours that were previously too deep or intense can now be shown and seen on Hisense TVs with Quantum Dot Colour.

Make everything 4K

All three models feature Hisense’s UHD AI Upscaler, which turns non-4K content into near-4K resolution.

Instead of simply replicating every pixel four times, the Hisense UHD AI Upscaler calculates the colours of neighboring pixels and automatically compensates by applying the right coloured pixels.

This results in amazing detail, allowing you to enjoy 4K picture quality even with standard FHD content.

Super sound

Each of the three models boast powerful speakers, which means you won’t have to invest in a separate sound system to surround yourself with great volume and audio clarity.

The U7WF offers DTS Virtual-X, while the higher-end U7QF supports Dolby Atmos – both technologies which deliver a virtual surround sound experience.

The top-of-the-range U8QF comes with a custom-designed integrated JBL Sound Solution comprising front firing speakers that are tuned and tested by expert Harman acoustic engineers.

Two sets of woofers and tweeters deliver rich, layered sound with deep powerful bass and crystal-clear sound, while silk tweeter domes produce an astonishing vibrant treble.

Smart like you

All three of these TVs come with Hisense’s smart, intuitive, and personalised platform for viewing and managing content – the VIDAA U Smart TV operating system – a 10-year development which is continually being upgraded to deliver its promise.

The OS combines the best content from premium global providers with the most popular local programming to offer a compelling and easy way for users to search for and watch their favourite content.

Learn more

The new Hisense TVs are available in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes.

We are excited to introduce each model to you in detail with our next series of articles.

Click on the links below to learn more about each of Hisense’s new ULED TVs.

Premium U8QF – 55-inch | 65-inch

Elite U7QF – 55-inch | 65-inch

Classic U7WF – 55-inch | 65-inch

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Hisense 2020 4K ULED range launched – Top TVs at the best prices