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5 reasons why you need to rethink your backup solution

While the cloud has been a priority for many companies since before the COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis has necessitated a drastic acceleration of cloud implementation for businesses.

Employees are working from home and require access to data from anywhere – increasing the risk of security issues and data loss.

Because of this, businesses need to be prepared for the worst – meaning a modern, comprehensive backup system is more important than ever.

A shift in mentality

Historically, IT departments have struggled to get the budget they need for a comprehensive backup and disaster-recovery system.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on businesses is changing minds, and businesses are now rapidly accelerating their plans to improve the way they protect their data.

This is necessary because with work-from-home becoming the norm, companies are realising that their current data recovery solutions are inefficient and do not cover the new way of working.

Various long-standing policies are also being reworked for the same reason.

Channel challenges

When it comes to data recovery, businesses are most interested in eliminating downtime, controlling the data explosion and storage spend, and safely helping their users move to the cloud.

Legacy tech solutions have also been holding companies back during the lockdown, as these businesses are unable to access their premises.

This is why companies are looking to transition from old, inefficient solutions to the cloud.

MSPs are expected to action this with maximum efficiency, but without demanding extra management resources – posing a major challenge.

Several of Redstor’s partners have used this challenge as an opportunity to improve their backup system with Redstor’s cloud-first solution.

This has allowed them to scale easily and was simple to implement, bill, and understand. It also offers search and insight intelligence to ensure that no key data is left out.

If you’re still promoting limited on-site backup and recovery solutions, here are five reasons to rethink your backup offering:

  1. Netflix mentality is everywhere
  2. Point solutions are no longer enough
  3. The old tools are blunt
  4. A recovery-first approach is vital
  5. Turbo-charge your revenue, or risk being left behind


Redstor is a market-leading cloud data management platform for the channel which is trusted by over 40,000 clients and is offered by a network of 350 partners.

Redstor will also be launching an e-commerce marketplace designed specifically for MSPs in September 2020, allowing them to experience Redstor’s full portfolio of data management solutions online.

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5 reasons why you need to rethink your backup solution