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Become one of South Africa’s world-class digital leaders at Gendac

The creation of digital leaders is a complex undertaking which requires intricate collaboration between business and engineering.

Since 1998, Gendac’s world-class engineering teams have been innovating valuable software and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to create digital leaders across the globe in a variety of industries.

We are driven to resolve complexity. Working in a variety of industries provides us with a unique opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas and technologies to solve the most complex of problems.

Digital leaders continually build competitive advantage

We have a proven team-of-teams methodology, whereby our teams closely collaborate with our clients’ teams to gain a deep understanding of their industry.

This allows us to build long-term relationships, which ensures that innovation adds maximum business value.

Businesses in all industries are realising that digital leaders continually build competitive advantage through technology development.

Those who lead in developing bespoke technology solutions, impose digital inflation on their competitors – sometimes overnight.

One such leading solution in the mining sector is an intrinsically-safe IoT ecosystem, which includes a bespoke mobile gateway.

The gateway utilises state-of-the-art cross-platform mobile technology and is supported by a cloud backend using micro-services architecture.

Other projects include solutions relating to resource optimisation, fleet management, and security monitoring.

Enjoying a career for life is critical

Building such core competitive advantage systems requires both expert management as well as highly-talented individuals.

Ultimately, the success of our teams lies in the curiosity, ingenuity, diversity, and commitment of every individual.

Key roles in our teams include Software Engineers, Electronic Engineers, UI/UX Developers, Graphic Designers, and Business Development specialists.

Gendac fosters a culture of incremental improvement through life-long learning which guides each person through their career journey – from any starting to target role.

Each person is encouraged to pursue a career which provides the opportunity to enhance their technical skills, interpersonal skills, and business acumen.

A Gendacian can expect a variety of projects, close collaboration, and experiences that are both creative and exploratory.

We welcome anyone who wants to APPLY NOW to #JOINTHETEAM.

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Become one of South Africa’s world-class digital leaders at Gendac