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How to ensure Digital Transformation success for your business

SYSPRO has kicked off their Digital Transformation (DX) web series which is focused on how businesses can ensure the success of their digital transformation journey.

The first episode, which was held on 19 August, featured guest speakers Arthur Goldstuck – Founder and CEO of World Wide Worx – IDC Associate Vice President Mark Walker, and Jaco Maass, General Manager at SHIFT Digital Acceleration.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic causing many industries to remain in lockdown, businesses are exploring digital options in an attempt to continue with business and achieve digital transformation.

According to SYSPRO, many industries and business leaders have embarked on their digital transformation journey and are already experiencing the benefits of digitalization – however, a large number of organisations have yet to begin this process.

The war between the past and the future

According to Goldstuck, there is a war between the past and the future.

The past is the world of analogue, but also digitisation (the conversion of analogue to digital formats), while the future is the world of digital transformation (DX) – which is the true differentiator between the past and the future.

World Wide Worx has also conducted research with Cisco to ask South African corporations how advanced they were in DX. According to Goldstuck, just over 37% said they have fully rolled it out.

When respondents were asked whether they will allow staff to carry on working remotely once lockdown ends, 38% said yes – which is almost exactly the same number as those who were fully digitally transformed.

This shows a very strong relationship between being digitally transformed and being ready to carry on working remotely, because these businesses’ systems and processes are geared towards it.

“In fact, it’s not a case of working from home, it’s a case of working from anywhere. The digitally-transformed company is also the incredibly mobile organisation,” said Goldstuck.

“This means that those organisations that are able to embrace DX are able to do almost anything online – whether it’s collaboration or whether it’s a live event that you can scale up to any number of people.”

It’s not a case of companies suddenly embracing DX, but rather companies being aware that they are part of DX – becoming digitally aware and experiencing a digital awakening.

Deidre Fryer, SYSPRO’s Head of Solutions Engineering, echoes this sentiment.

“It is important to understand where digital transformation fits into a business. Traditionally, we see that digital transformation and digital projects are isolated. They’re generally put on the CIO or CTO’s stack, and really just make the IT team responsible, so we tend to verticalise it, but ultimately it’s a horizontal journey.”

“It’s not just one individual or one department’s responsibility, it’s about the entire business – all areas, systems, processes, and departments going on a digital transformation journey, becoming digitally aware, and embracing digital.”

How to get the most out of your digital transformation journey

Further to this, it is important for organisations to unpack and truly understand where the value of digital transformation can come from and how to make sure you’re getting success out of this digital journey.

“DX means using and storing data digitally and having that information digitally ready and digitally acceptable. The transformation part then becomes a process of where we are converting something into value,” said Fryer.

“We can do something digitally, but if we don’t actually convert it into value, you’re not really transforming it, because it’s only been digitised.”

Fryer said businesses therefore need to keep their focus on how to achieve success in digital transformation.

As a business you need to ask:

  • What do you want to achieve? What is the purpose, and what is success going to look like?
  • How ready are you? Are you a digital native or a digital immigrant? What processes and enablers must be in place for the business to see value?
  • What information do you really need? It must be tweaked, and it must be focused on what your business needs.

The schedule for this remainder of the webinar series is outlined below.

Episode Date Time Topic
2 2 September 2020 9:00-10:30 Why Cloud is an important tool for your digital journey.
3 16 September 2020 9:00-10:30 Digitalisation driving automation.
4 30 September 2020 9:00-10:30 Digital citizens are people too.

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How to ensure Digital Transformation success for your business