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ADSL is getting cut off next week – You need to move to fibre now

Openserve will terminate ADSL and copper services in areas which are covered by its fibre network on Tuesday, 1 September.

The company said the move is part of its drive to upgrade services to next-generation technologies and reduce infrastructure duplication.

What this means for ADSL users in areas with fibre coverage is that they have to move to fibre.

While it is somewhat disruptive, it is ultimately a positive development as fibre is superior to copper-based ADSL.

Fibre offers much higher speeds and lower latency than ADSL, it is more stable and reliable, and it is not attractive to copper thieves.

It also offers better value-for-money than ADSL. An uncapped fibre service is cheaper than a comparable ADSL or VDSL connection.

Move to fibre now

Supersonic makes it easy for current ADSL subscribers to move to affordable uncapped fibre-to-the-home.

If there is no fibre coverage in your area, users can move to Supersonic’s fixed-LTE products – which run on MTN’s award-winning network.

Supersonic’s fixed-LTE packages start at only R249 per month and offer excellent speed and coverage.

To find out more about moving from ADSL to fibre or fixed-LTE, complete the form below.

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ADSL is getting cut off next week – You need to move to fibre now