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Professionalise your work-from-home setup with printers and MFPs from Kyocera

Millions of employees around the world have been forced to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many of these workers have taken their laptops or PCs home, most would have left their printer at the office.

This means that printing, copying, and document digitisation requirements are not being met, or people have had to resort to buying and using cheap printers.

These cheap printers use expensive ink cartridges, however, which require regular replacement. They may also deliver low-quality results.Optimal productivity while working from home calls for a reliable printer with a low total cost of ownership and enterprise-level features.

This is why leading printing solutions provider Kyocera has entered the retail space – providing users the opportunity to buy or rent its powerful and reliable laser printers.

Buy your own Kyocera printer

In South Africa, you can now buy Kyocera’s ‘working from home’ range of printers and multi-function printers (MFPs) online from South Africa’s top ecommerce retailer,

These A4 laser printers/MFPs have all the features needed by the typical home office user and offer a lower total cost of ownership – with more prints per toner cartridge.

Kyocera offers printers/MFPs for all markets, ranging from the SOHO (small office/home office) market to large corporates.

Eight models are available to choose from, with prices starting at R3,000.

Rental options

For those who do not wish to purchase a printer, you can rent an office-grade Kyocera MFP at an affordable monthly rate.

Kyocera has partnered with ISP and ICT provider Vox to offer three of its MFPs for rental.

Vox offers flexible payment models including 12 or 24-month rental options.

These rentals also include discounted cartridge replacements, remote support, and a 3-year 100,000 prints on-site warranty service.

Kyocera ECM

Kyocera is also offering guidance to companies who are planning to, or in the process of, transitioning to remote working solutions.

Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa successfully implemented its own Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system several years ago, which has optimised and automated its business processes.

Its ECM strategy means it was able to continue operations uninterrupted with its entire workforce working from home during the pandemic.

ECM is a major enabler of remote working, offering tools and technologies for centrally storing, managing, and sharing all content in an organisation – including paper and digital documents, images, and audio files.

To assist other businesses with their own ECM implementation, Kyocera provides an ebook which details all aspects on working from home.

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Professionalise your work-from-home setup with printers and MFPs from Kyocera