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The best place in South Africa to reach IT decision makers

MyBroadband is the largest IT publication in South Africa and offers IT and telecoms companies the best marketing reach and exceptional campaign performance.

The latest readership statistics – provided by the IAB South Africa and Narratiive – show that MyBroadband is visited by 2.1 million South African readers each month.

What makes this audience unique is that the majority of these readers are the IT decision makers for their companies and households.

This influential audience means ICT marketing campaigns on MyBroadband show exceptional engagement rates – far higher than the industry standard.

As a result, MyBroadband has experienced a big increase in advertising campaigns this year, especially from IT, telecoms, and finance companies.

Big growth

MyBroadband marketing director Cara Muller said this spike in campaigns is partly a result of companies moving their traditional marketing spend online.

With people using the Internet more during the lockdown – both for work and leisure – they are now relying on digital channels to inform their purchasing decisions.

Companies have followed their users and have moved their outdoor, radio, and events marketing budgets online to adapt to the changing consumer behaviour.

Another marketing trend is for companies to increasingly focus on performance and return on investment – because of the tough economic environment.

There is a drive to optimise marketing spend and ensure money is not wasted on non-performing channels.

Muller said this focus on performance has driven up demand for three products on MyBroadband:

  • Sponsored articles and social media promotions.
  • Display advertising, especially mobile banners.
  • Online video campaigns like the What’s Next series.

She said these campaigns are showing particularly strong performances, which is why companies are investing more in these channels.

MyBroadband Readership

The image below provides an overview of MyBroadband’s readership and shows why it is so desirable to IT and telecoms companies.

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The best place in South Africa to reach IT decision makers