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Dell EMC PowerProtect DD – The ultimate data protection solution for your business

Data protection is a critical consideration for businesses as the volume and variety of data they store continues to grow.

Businesses therefore need to ensure they have the best solutions in place to keep their data secure.

When choosing the right product, it is also important to realise that data loss can happen through a variety of ways – such as human error, man-made and natural disasters, security threats, and cyber-attacks.

Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series

Dell EMC has been an industry leader in data protection for over a decade thanks to its Data Domain portfolio.

These products help thousands of customers to protect their data – whether this data is stored on-premise or in the cloud.

Dell EMC’s PowerProtect DD series is the next generation of Dell EMC’s Data Domain hardware portfolio and offers improved performance, efficiency, security, and multi-cloud protection.

The new range comprises the PowerProtect DD3300, DD6900, DD9400, DD9900, and the DD Virtual Edition (DDVE) to offer even more choice to your business.

Benefits of the PowerProtect DD range

The Dell EMC PowerProtect DD range offers up to 38% faster backups and up to 45% faster restores, making this hardware significantly more efficient than previous-generation models.

The range also offers up to 60,000 Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS), which provides 50% faster Instant Access and Restore – and can support up to 64 concurrent virtual machines.

Looking at the PowerProtect DD9900, this model supports 50% more usable capacity per rack, which totals up to 1.5PB useable capacity and 97.5PB logical capacity.

This is thanks to hardware-assisted compression that delivers up to 30% more logical capacity per TB, while rack space can be reduced by up to 39% thanks to the new 8TB drives used by the PowerProtect DD range.

All PowerProtect DD appliances also support Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Solutions and Cyber Recovery Vault backups to ensure your data is always recoverable.

Support for the multi-cloud

While on-premise storage has several major benefits, it is important that you can access the full benefits of the cloud, too.

This is why the PowerProtect DD range offers multi-cloud capabilities, including:

  • Cloud Tier offers support for native tiering of deduplicated data to the cloud and support for a broad ecosystem of backup applications across both the public and private clouds.
  • Data Protection Suite allows for cost-effective disaster recovery to be delivered to AWS, Azure, and VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery copies protected VMs from on-premises PowerProtect DD to the public cloud and directly onto object storage.

Get the Dell EMC PowerProtect DD series now

South Africa’s leading ICT distribution company Pinnacle offers the Dell PowerProtect DD range to businesses.

Contact Pinnacle today to find out how you can prepare for any data loss threats your business may encounter.

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Dell EMC PowerProtect DD – The ultimate data protection solution for your business