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How your business can personalise the customer experience journey with AI

Everyone is talking about how AI is the future of business.

However, it is not enough simply to know this – you need to understand how AI can improve your business processes.

This is particularly important when it comes to your contact centre, because the efficient use of AI can result in your customers being provided with quick and valuable assistance.

5 steps to personalise your customer experience

Genesys has published an ebook which details five important steps you can follow to ensure your customers receive personalised support that solves their problems accurately and quickly.

These steps are detailed below.

1. Develop customer profiles

You need to understand who your customers are.

By answering important questions about your customers, you will be able to provide them with better support.

2. Generate ways to collect more data over time

Key to the success of AI customer experience solutions is having enough high-quality data.

AI then learns from this data to provide the best possible service to your customers.

3. Give customers a choice of channels

Customers will each have their own preferences when it comes to how they want to communicate with you.

It is therefore important that you offer a great experience to customers on whichever platform they prefer.

Bots also need to know when they should reroute a query to a human agent by identifying when the particular query is too complex, or if the customer’s query is not clear enough.

4. Create self-service channels

Many customers want to use a self-service channel rather than communicating with agents.

This channel needs to be personalised and should be powered by AI to ensure it offers the user an intuitive experience.

Customers should only see materials and options that are relevant to them, as this makes the entire process simpler.

5. Create a systemic approach to collect feedback

It is critical that you collect as much feedback from your customers as possible.

This will help you to improve the entire process and will also ensure that your AI can continually improve itself.

This feedback can be as simple as a post-experience survey or pop-up window.

Download the ebook

The Genesys “How To Guide: Using AI to Personalise the Customer Experience” ebook expands on the points above, and offers many more insights, such as:

  • How to offer personalisation at scale using machine-human interactions.
  • How to get started when you don’t have in-depth data.
  • How to offer personalisation in each channel.

It is a valuable resource to any business looking to improve their customer experience journey.

Click here to download the ebook, or complete the form below.

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How your business can personalise the customer experience journey with AI