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China Telecom facilitates business with bespoke Cloud-Connect and SD-WAN solutions  

China Telecom has connected its global Elastic Cloud Connect platform with Teraco’s Africa Cloud Exchange.

Via this direct connection, China Telecom can easily serve its customers to connect with the popular cloud platform from within the Teraco ecosystem, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud in South Africa.

In the past decade, China Telecom has developed South Africa as its interconnection network and telecommunications hub in the continent.

As part of its global network, the presence in Teraco’s Africa Cloud Exchange has enhanced China Telecom’s global capacity to provide customers with seamless Cloud Connect solutions.

China Telecom Elastic Cloud Connect facilitates your business growth

Globalisation and Cloud Transformation has been the major trend for all international enterprises. China Telecom’s Elastic Cloud Connect is a connection service which is designed to cater the migration during the cloud Transformation.

China Telecom’s Elastic Cloud Connect provides Site-to-Cloud/Cloud-to-Cloud/DC-to-Cloud transmission service which is optimised based on its global network coverage and global cloud platform resources.

With exclusive channels, flexible solutions, bandwidth on-demand, and end-to-end management, China Telecom’s Elastic Cloud Connect provides cloud-based testing, provisioning, delivery and management tools to customer and satisfy different business needs at any time.

China Telecom SD-WAN Solution makes your network agile

Since enterprise is looking for the path to migrate their on-premises IT platform to cloud, IT managers need to rely on more secure, more flexible and cloud integrated total solution.

China Telecom SD-WAN provides an all-new network experience characterised by quick delivery, minimal configuration, and centralised control. It provides a bundled one-stop solution and significant cost optimisation.

With the widely covered China Telecom cloud platform, enterprises can easily connect their IT facilities with the cloud platform or overseas infrastructures.

Distinct with traditional network connectivity services, China Telecom’s SD-WAN solution is constructed by software-defined appliance which makes customer network more agile.

Four typical scenarios for enterprises

China Telecom cloud node coverage

Why choose China Telecom SD-WAN service?

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China Telecom facilitates business with bespoke Cloud-Connect and SD-WAN solutions