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Get affordable Amazon S3-compatible cloud storage for your business – R0.20c per GB/month

Cloud storage has become a critical part of business IT systems.

The cloud offers major benefits that empower businesses to improve their systems and streamline their processes.

However, business-focused cloud solutions can be expensive and complicated – which often results in companies choosing to keep their outdated, legacy solutions instead.

This is why BigStorage offers Amazon S3-compatible storage aimed at small and medium-sized businesses and IT service providers who are looking for an affordable, effective, and versatile cloud storage solution.

The benefits of Amazon S3

BigStorage leverages Amazon S3 storage, which offers major benefits to businesses when compared to other cloud storage products.

Amazon S3 offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance – making it perfect for businesses of all sizes and industries.

It can also be used across a variety of use cases – including for storing backups, storing real-time objects for servers and similar platforms, and for traditional file storage and sharing.

Amazon S3 also offers businesses an extensive range of easy-to-use management features to let these organisations organise their data and configure their access controls to their specific needs.

This enables your business to deliver compliance and operational efficiencies.

S3-compatible cloud storage from BigStorage

BigStorage offers enterprise-class cloud storage using an S3-compliant interface that enables it to be compatible with an extensive range of storage applications, gateways, and other platforms.

It also uses a fully compatible S3 API to ensure that you can get access to all the benefits of the acclaimed Amazon S3 cloud storage product.

This includes using the system for:

  • Backups – Accessed via compatible software.
  • File Storage and Sharing – Accessed via compatible software.
  • Real-time object storage for servers and platforms – Attached as a file system.

Another major benefit of BigStorage is that your data will be hosted in South Africa, which improves latency and results in a more streamlined storage system.

Affordable pricing

BigStorage customers are offered a simple, affordable per-GB pricing structure.

This ensures that businesses don’t pay for storage space that they do not use.

BigStorage also offers free egress of up to 100% of the storage utilised by the business’s account, and only charges 20c per additional GB transferred out.

In addition, the first 25GB of data storage is free.

To preview how much it will cost to use BigStorage’s cloud solution, you can use its online pricing tool.

Simply adjust the sliders on the tool to state how much storage and egress you will need, and it automatically determines a monthly price based on this information.

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Get affordable Amazon S3-compatible cloud storage for your business – R0.20c per GB/month