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The easy way to reach South African IT decision makers

Many IT and telecommunications companies are looking for an easy and affordable way to reach South African IT and telecoms decision makers.

Instead of relying on traditional advertising mediums, companies are now spending most of their marketing budget online to ensure the best return on investment (ROI).

With a multitude of online marketing channels, it raises the question as to what the best way is to reach IT decision makers.

The answer is simple – MyBroadband.

Through MyBroadband, with an IT readership of over 2 million people per month, companies can easily reach their desired audience through a targeted message.

This is done through four main advertising channels:

  • Banner advertising, wallpapers, and takeovers.
  • Sponsored content optimised for the target audience.
  • Social media promotions.
  • Newsletters.

This combination has shown exceptional results, both in terms of brand awareness and generating leads.

These campaigns also have a very high rate of return, which pays testament to their excellent performance.

How to build a good marketing campaign

Aurik Investment Holdings CEO Pavlo Phitidis said marketing has become a science where the only measurement should be how many potential clients knock on your door.

To create an effective marketing campaign, Phitidis said it is important to address the right market segment with a suitable message.

The traditional marketing strategy of simply using a big TV ad, radio ad, or billboard to promote a company or product no longer works.

Instead, companies should have a clear understanding of who they want to reach and what problem they are solving for these potential customers.

By effectively communicating which problem a company is solving, it connects with customers and attracts their attention.

MyBroadband marketing director Cara Muller echoed Phitidis’s views, saying the most effective online campaigns are highly targeted.

Instead of trying to design a one-size-fits-all campaign, she advises clients to select a target audience and design campaigns which speak directly to that audience.

She added that content marketing and social media campaigns make it easy to target specific audiences with suitable messages.

The performance of these campaigns has been outstanding in recent months, which is partly a result of people spending more time online.

Companies are therefore following their clients online to ensure they are seen in places where their target audience spends most of their time.

This article was published in partnership with MyBroadband.

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The easy way to reach South African IT decision makers