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It’s never been easier to enjoy great video conferencing

The Poly Studio X Series includes two all-in-one video bars, X30 and X50, that enable the best conferencing and collaboration experience for small huddle rooms and medium-sized meeting rooms.

These devices are radically simple to use, with support for leading cloud video services, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams built right in – no PC or Mac required.

Voices are crisp and clear, thanks to a beam-forming microphone array and acoustic chamber design. Built-in wireless content sharing lets users share from their devices without the need for cables or pucks.

Get up and running faster

Connect in seconds. Simple setup includes built-in cloud service platform support, with no PC or Mac needed.

Plus, you can manage the experience from the comfort of your chair with a convenient tabletop control panel. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Feel more connected

With production-quality camera framing, you’ll feel like everyone is right there in the room.

Block out audio distractions with NoiseblockAI powered by machine learning. And easily share content over wired or wireless connections.

Choose your platform

With the Poly Studio X family, you’re in control. Choose almost any platform with native support for many Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) providers, including Zoom.

Video bars also support H.323 and SIP for easy connection to any standards-based video solution or VaaS gateway. The choice is yours.

Studio X30 vs X50

The Poly Studio X30, ideal for small offices or huddle rooms, supports 4K UHD video and built-in wireless content sharing capabilities, all in a compact design.

The Poly Studio X30 supports the full range of Poly MeetingAI capabilities, so it packs a boardroom experience into a small box.

Seamless content collaboration is enabled wirelessly. The video bar’s premium audio engineering offers plenty of pickup power.

The Poly Studio X50, the larger of the two new solutions, boasts even greater pickup range and high-quality speakers to suit the needs of mid-size conference rooms.

In addition to the new Poly MeetingAI features, the Poly Studio X50 supports dual screens for Zoom Rooms, greatly expanding the capabilities to support the needs of larger conference rooms.

It also supports 4K UHD video, 5x zoom, wireless content sharing, audio input/output and a room-thundering stereo speaker system.

Flexible installation means both Poly Studio X models can sit, stand or be mounted wherever desired, with downward facing connection ports making this flexibility possible.

When Poly launched Video OS as their platform of the future, they made a commitment to ensure that their customers could get more out of their investment as time went on.

The latest update is here – Poly OS 3.2 – and is proving that it’s never been easier to enjoy great video conferencing.

Here’s what you will get with the latest Poly OS 3.2 update:

  • Support for Zoom Rooms 5.1.0
  • Native Interoperability with StarLeaf
  • Native Interoperability with RingCentral Rooms
  • Multicamera Support
  • USB Camera Support Limit Maximum Camera Digital Zoom
  • Reset Camera Settings to Defaults
  • Configuring HDMI Input as a People Source
  • 5 mm Audio Output on Studio X50
  • TC8 Web Proxy Enhancements
  • Updating TC8 Software Using a USB Flash Drive Automatic Software Updates
  • Provisioning Your System with Poly Lens

Kathea understands how important collaboration is to your business. We are here to help you with all your video conferencing and communication needs to ensure you get the most out of both client relationships and effective collaborations.

Contact us today for more professional solutions on how we can take your video conferencing capabilities to the next level.

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It’s never been easier to enjoy great video conferencing