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How app developers can make money through HUAWEI’s Ads Kit

The growth of the digital marketing industry indicates how much businesses value having a digital presence in today’s always-on world and competitive market.

As brands leverage the extensive use of electronic devices and the internet to reach their consumers, advertising opportunities for digital platform owners are abundant.

For the mobile app segment, in-app advertising can be a very profitable avenue for developers and app owners. There is a great opportunity to developers to use their apps to generate money with HUAWEI, even if it is a free app, by enabling advertisers to reach or connect with their target audience through various ad content, on their app platform.

Presently, South Africa’s smartphone penetration reach sits at 91.2%. The ability to use apps – among other advanced features – is considered to be what makes a smartphone. This is according to ICASA’s ‘State of the ICT Sector in South Africa 2020’ Report.

With most people in South Africa owning a smartphone and spending more and more time on mobile apps, as an app developer you have an opportunity to use the amount of mobile traffic and attention to your advantage and derive monetary value from it.

This is where the HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) Ads Kit comes in handy for HMS developers looking to make an extra buck from the usage of their app.

After all, if you have invested time and energy producing a great app, it deserves to be monetised and to be rewarded for your development work.

By integrating the HMS Ads Kit into your app to create an advertising functionality, you are ready to start earning extra advertising revenue.

Through the HUAWEI Ads Publisher Service, a traffic monetisation platform, Ads Kit allows you to obtain high-quality ad content for your app, with access to an extensive base of advertisers in more than 220 countries. Hence, advertising on HUAWEI devices can be a potentially lucrative opportunity.

Mobile app advertising is ideal for advertisers with a targeted approach, as it provides more effectiveness by way of rolling out targeted, personalised ad content drawing from the tracked data and daily habits of users. HMS Ads Kit uses Open Advertising Identifier (OAID) to bring personalised ads to app users, while maintaining the users’ privacy.

One of the advantages of monetising your app with HMS Ads Kit is the fact that as a developer you get to pocket a substantial 90% of funds generated from advertising on your platform. The revenue share of 90 – 10% is above the industry standard, ensuring you are rewarded by partnering with HUAWEI.

This split lasts until the end of 2020, and throughout 2021 it will change to an 80-20% split. This is still above the industry standard of 70-30%, so until the beginning of 2022 developers are benefiting.

The HMS Ads Kit comprises of various kits for different ad formats – from native ads, banner ads, and rewarded ads, to interstitial ads, splash ads, and express splash ads – all the while providing a consistent experience for users across different HUAWEI devices, due to the unified UI design.

Allowing third parties to showcase their ads on your app is a simple way to make money without too much hassle. In today’s contracting economy especially, the ‘multiple streams of income’ brigade is all for any form of monetisation that makes sense for the pocket.

Remember to register your HUAWEI Developer ID to start the process of becoming a developer and utilising HUAWEI’s vast resources and networks to your advantage. You can start the process here.

You can find out more information about HUAWEI’s Developer platform and the benefits of partnering with HUAWEI here.

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How app developers can make money through HUAWEI’s Ads Kit