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Hisense U7QF – A powerful and great-value 4K TV

The Hisense U7QF boasts a wide range of advanced features powered by the latest display technologies and software to offer a standout viewing experience.

Its arsenal includes 4K Resolution, Quantum Dot technology, Full Array Local Dimming, AI Picture Optimisation, Dolby Atmos sound, and seamless Smart functionality.

With the U7QF, Hisense guarantees a viewing experience that offers its owners #BeautyBeyondTheScreen.

Incredible contrast

Conventional edge-lit LED TVs sacrifice bright scenes for dark backgrounds – and one major flaw of this technique is that dark images along the edges of the display will appear grey, rather than black.

The U7QF removes this issue by using Hisense’s Full Array Local Dimming Pro, which employs hundreds of LED backlight zones to adjust and create contrast based on each image.

More LEDs with a denser structure seamlessly work together, precisely managing individual areas of pixels from edge-to-edge.

With this level of contrast, the U7QF supports the Dolby Vision HDR standard – a technology which automatically optimizes your content scene-by-scene.

This results in ultra-vivid pictures, delivering visuals that are up to 40-times brighter, and blacks that are 10-times darker than a standard picture.

Stunning colour

The U7QF also boasts Quantum Dot technology, enabling your display to reproduce more than one billion shades of colour.

This is thanks to the spectral line width of the light emitted by quantum dots, which is far narrower than that from conventional materials.

As a result, the three primary colours—red, green and blue—can be more clearly distinguished compared to conventional TVs.

This results in a wider range of colours, more shades, and more hues.

AI capability

Hisense has installed AI into the U7QF TV to enhance picture quality in two ways.

Firstly, the UHD AI Upscaler takes non-4K signals and converts them to near-4K resolution.

This provides crisp and clear image details, allowing you to enjoy 4K picture quality even with a standard Full HD signal.

Secondly, AI scene recognition technology instantly identifies the video input, then intelligently adjusts the picture quality and sound settings to best match the particular content.

Furthermore, the U7QF runs on the Hi-View Engine, which improves overall picture quality by up to 34%, thanks to a processor housing an array of advanced real-time algorithms.

Buy your Hisense TV today

The U7QF is available in 55-inch and 65-inch inch models, while Hisense also offers the U7WF – a ULED TV which keeps the majority of features of the U7QF.

Click here to choose your next TV from Hisense’s 2020 ULED range.

Hisense U7QF

Hisense U7QF

Hisense U7WF

Hisense U7WF

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Hisense U7QF – A powerful and great-value 4K TV