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Boost your business productivity while your employees work from home

Now more than ever, South African businesses need the right tools, infrastructure, software, and expertise to ensure they can remain productive with a scattered workforce.

Leading ICT products and services provider BCX offers a wide range of flexible and cost-effective remote working solutions which can be deployed rapidly.

These solutions are offered under the following five categories:

  • Connectivity
  • Devices
  • Applications
  • Security
  • Support

BCX solutions


Business-class bandwidth and connectivity are the most critical considerations for enabling employees to work effectively whilst remote.

BCX provides fast and reliable high-speed connectivity with various speed options for collaborative power users and multiple heavy usage activities across multiple devices.

BCX Connectivity


Employees require the right devices for effective remote working.

Many who were previously office-bound won’t have laptops and might be given a desktop PC to use at home.

External devices such as monitors, multifunction printers, speakers, microphones and cameras will therefore need to be considered.

Below is an overview of the devices available from BCX.

BCX Devices


BCX provides several secure cloud-based applications as well as software licensing fit for your organisation’s productivity needs.

If you have a contact centre and now require agents to effectively work remotely, you may need to extend your call centre infrastructure with cloud-based telephony solutions.

Data generated whilst working remotely also needs to be safeguarded. The ideal solution for this is a cloud-based remote backup-as-a-service option.

BCX Applications


It is essential to protect your organisation from cyber threats while working remotely. As more workers become mobile, they are no longer protected at the perimeter.

Remote workers might be required to work via VPNs in order to access shared resources on main servers, which can have an impact on network speeds and device performance.

Proper security protocols must be addressed to protect the information being accessed away from your physical site, including provisions for VPN security, antivirus software and endpoint protection.

BCX offers active protection to detect a wide range of attacks from a variety of threats, including APTs, DDoS, zero-day malware and insider threats.


BCX provides remote technical assistance for devices to resolve any issues irrespective of location.

When remote support does not solve the issue then they can dispatch agents to a physical location.

Maximum uptime is ensured through the following support processes:

  • Operating systems are patched with security and critical fixes in a timeous manner.
  • Weekly maintenance is performed to speed up the performance and uptime of each device.
  • Automated password reset requests alleviate administrative strain on support staff.

BCX Support

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BCX remote working solutions are available nationwide.

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Boost your business productivity while your employees work from home