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How Cool Ideas tackled the COVID-19 lockdown and came out on top

For South African Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the COVID-19 lockdown was a double-edged sword with the potential to both boost and hurt their operations.

With more people having to work and learn from home, there was a massive increase in connectivity demand – which is ideal for acquiring new customers and upgrading current users to faster packages.

However, ISPs had to ensure they could handle the additional network traffic and that their support departments were able to attend to more customer queries.

Cool Ideas – one of South Africa’s largest fibre ISPs with over 40,000 customers – thrived in these tough conditions and employed more staff, improved training, and launched a new website to enhance customer service in a time of increased broadband demand.

Lockdown challenges

Cool Ideas acknowledged it experienced challenges with both itself and its customers working from home during the lockdown.

“The shift to remote working led to a spike in new connection and support queries when the lockdown began,” the company explained.

The Double-Up Promotions on offer from various fibre networks starting in the early days of lockdown helped to satisfy traffic demands, but also created further expectations from customers.

The provisioning of these line speed upgrades taught Cool Ideas some hard lessons, but it nevertheless recognised its importance in ensuring customers were able to stay connected while working from home.

This connectivity was also key for students learning at home and at schools – and Cool Ideas currently provides more than 150 schools with free Internet connections throughout the country.

Growing staff and improving training

While many companies were forced to put employees on unpaid leave or even had to revert to retrenchments during the lockdown, this was not the case for Cool Ideas.

The company is instead fortunate to have increased its staff count by 20% over the lockdown period.

In addition, Cool Ideas improved training and implemented new processes, which will ensure it can better educate and communicate with customers across all its departments.

Furthermore, Cool Ideas refined the tiered structure within its support department and launched a new website.

All of these initiatives are aimed at improving customer service – something which Cool Ideas believes differentiates it from competitors.

Get connected with Cool Ideas today

Cool Ideas believes in a process of ongoing improvement and will therefore not be resting on its laurels with regards to perfecting its offerings.

With an average download speed of 43Mbps across its user base, Cool Ideas pairs its customer service focus with fast and reliable fibre broadband to keep you connected.

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This article was published in partnership with Cool Ideas.

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How Cool Ideas tackled the COVID-19 lockdown and came out on top