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Get a free cyber defence assessment from Nclose today

If you are concerned about your company’s cybersecurity defence ability or would like to test how well your organisation can detect an attack, then Nclose has the perfect assessment for you.

Nclose is offering free assessments to any IT security team who wants to evaluate their detection capablities and gauge how well they can detect simulated versions of real-world attack techniques.

This is possible thanks to Nclose’s Nview Managed Detection and Response capabilities, said the company.

“Our team, including several former offensive engineers, have developed an assessment tool that simulates many techniques that attackers are using, but does not make use of malware, thereby evading common detection methods,” said Nclose.

“We’ll go under the radar – where today’s attackers work – to test your detection capabilities and report back on the findings.

Nclose added that this offers companies a no-risk approach to getting a better night’s sleep.

Cybersecurity is key

As more businesses and individuals move online for work and leisure, cybersecurity is only increasing in importance for South African companies.

It is therefore up to companies to ensure they can protect their systems and data, their staff, and their customers from malicious actors in the market.

“Despite every solution IT security teams and security operations centres implement to mitigate risk for their organisations, attackers still manage to bypass their cyber defences,” said Nclose.

This is because attackers take advantage of weaknesses in companies’ cyber defences, which include:

  • Organisations not evolving their approach to defence fast enough.
  • Organisations being too dependent on vendor assurances.
  • Organisations not performing any red teaming exercises to test their cyber defences.

Nclose said that CIOs, CISOs, and security managers typically have a nagging suspicion their systems are vulnerable, but the required budget and resources to investigate their concerns are not always available.

The free cyber defence assessment from Nclose is therefore a perfect opportunity for companies to take a closer look at their defences.

“Far too many organisations only discover their cybersecurity measures were not good enough post breach,” concluded Nclose.

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Get a free cyber defence assessment from Nclose today