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Techfynder – The recruiting platform for South African IT specialists

There has been a shortage of IT specialists in South Africa for years.

Now, however, finding talented technology contractors is no longer solely the concern of technology businesses.

Due to COVID-19, all businesses are now desperate for high-quality IT specialists and the pandemic is therefore exacerbating the lack of quality IT specialists in the country.

Additionally, demand for IT skills in South Africa is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years as the country embarks on a program of digitalization that promises to transform the economy.

This means South Africa must find ways of innovating when it comes to the labor market and employment, and utilizing an educated labor force in the form of independent contractors is a more viable and direct solution for businesses.

IT contractors are already becoming an incredibly popular option for many companies in Europe and the Middle East – but there are very few straightforward platforms that technology contractors can use to promote themselves to new businesses and find employment opportunities.

Enter Techfynder

Irish talent-tech specialist Techfynder aims to solve this problem and has built a free, direct, and global recruitment platform to bring a better future to tech contractors and companies.

Techfynder is empowering employers and IT contractors to find one another quickly and connect directly, saving both parties time and money.

Locally, Techfynder believes it can help the market in South Africa by offering a direct solution with access to a global talent pool as well as locally sourced contractors.

Its statement comes off the back of the rapid success of its online recruitment platform, and since its launch in October 2019 Techfynder has seen strong growth.

The platform is already active in 128 countries worldwide and is used by more than 126,000 technology contractors. Additionally, its daily usage rate of IT professionals is now up to 85% and its worldwide database is growing rapidly.

“We have seen an increasing demand in the South African technology market for contractors joining Techfynder as well as businesses availing of their services,” said Paul Guy, Director of Marketing, Techfynder.

Join Techfynder today

Techfynder is the only dedicated platform for hiring onsite and remote contractors without commissions, offering you complete transparency and quality on a global scale.

The intelligent platform matches top-quality contractors with roles for which they’re most qualified and which they are most likely to be contracted by a business – with its matching algorithms considering a person’s skills, experience, preferred rates, and location.

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Techfynder – The recruiting platform for South African IT specialists