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Protect your data on the hybrid cloud with NetApp and Fujitsu

Cloud adoption has been steadily on the rise for the past few years. This is a world where you can consume anything as a service and pay only for what you use, which is unlike the traditional data centre model and why it is so appealing.

In the same context, software as a service (SaaS) is another service that is provided by cloud service providers, SaaS adoption and consumption has been on the rise for the last few years too. SaaS consumption spend is more than US$100 billion globally and the most consumed SaaS services are Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce.

Microsoft Office 365 provides a messaging and collaboration platform to improve end-user productivity. The most important applications consumed in Office 365 are Exchange Online,

OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online as well as Teams. Similarly, Salesforce is the most widely used CRM application across the globe that organisations use to drive business. The important mission-critical data is stored in many different clouds like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud,, Marketing Cloud, and Community Cloud.

Data is the digital currency in today’s world, the loss of data may result in economic loss or have legal implications for organisations. The most recent industry research claims that 47% percent of data loss was caused by end-user actions, being accidental or intentional deletions.

17% of data loss due to insider threat and malicious intent, and 13% were of the data losses were due to ransomware attacks. It’s important to note that ransomware attacks are on the increase in South Africa.

In the cloud world, the service provider is responsible for the cloud’s security, the physical infrastructure, power, cooling and physical security. The customer is responsible for the data within the cloud. There are many different options that your cloud service provider may provide you to recover data, but they may not be an end-to-end solution.

At the same time, they are not comprehensive and often, they are not user friendly. Therefore, it is very important for cloud consumers to have a data protection solution for mission-critical data as well as services like Office 365 and Salesforce.

NetApp SaaS Backup is a born in the cloud application. It is built to protect mission-critical data that is stored in Office 365 and Salesforce. It is built with best-in-class security which enables you to provide multi-tier SLA’s in terms of recovery point objectives ( RPO’s) to the customers inside your organisation.

NetApp SaaS Backup was built with a philosophy in mind to make sure that customers are not required to build complex competencies in managing, maintaining and administering the data protection application.

The user interface is simple and intuitive to use, it is consistent across applications for data protection, be it Exchange Online or OneDrive for Business, SharePoint groups and Teams or Salesforce. The user interface requires no more than three clicks per configuration, for any action.

NetApp SaaS Backup has an all-inclusive licensing model that provides unlimited storage, retention capabilities and backups. It provides the flexibility to be able to store data at a storage end point of your choice, either at a NetApp-provided AWS S3 bucket or an Azure Blob storage.

You can also consume our service by bringing your own storage. Should there be a compliance concern that requires you to bring the data back to your premises, you could do so by leveraging the NetApp StorageGRID Webscale appliance.

Fujitsu data protection solutions

As digitisation continues to pick up speed, the availability of data is the factor that determines business success. At the same time, enterprises must take a new approach to data protection, because there is no longer any kind of expiration date for data.

Since digital transformation is not just a matter of having the right technology, but also of having the right digital strategy for your business, Fujitsu has been collaborating closely with international user groups for many years enabling Fujitsu to constantly incorporate real-world insights in the further development of our solutions.

Data protection is not about backup – it is about safeguarding data integrity and ensuring the availability of data for your business when you need it. In a digital world it is also about supporting your business by protecting your information repositories.

You can master every challenge and achieve even the most aggressive Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) targets with Fujitsu at your side.

Digital business continuity with no compromises:

  • High-availability disaster-resilient online storage systems are the basis for always-on business
  • Leading snapshot technology offers all key functions and even backs up hundreds or thousands of VMs, not to mention finding unprotected VMs automatically
  • Traditional backup solutions effectively safeguard valuable data against the growing number of cyber attack’s and similar threats

Digital business efficiency at its best:

  • Data protection appliances drastically reduce IT administrator workloads and deliver high performance backups
  • ETERNUS CS8000, the world’s fastest and most reliable data protection platform, reduces TCO for complex data protection environments by 60%
  • Our comprehensive portfolio of appliances, tape solutions, data protection software and services make it easy to keep backup and archiving speed, capacity and cost in balance

Digital business growth without limits:

  • Extremely scalable online storage and data protection solutions ensure long-term investment protection
  • Automation guarantees efficient management of skyrocketing data – both old and new
  • Flexible responses to business demand with the precise interaction of productive storage, second-tier storage and archive storage – all from one end-to-end provider

Shaping the future in co-creation with customers

For more than 50 years Fujitsu has been a trusted IT infrastructure and services provider known for delivering effective data protection solutions. Thanks to our longstanding collaboration with leading user groups, we have a deep and extensive understanding of business trends and challenges.

This proximity to real business practice is invaluable when it comes to digital transformation: Fujitsu is one of the very few IT providers offering end-to-end support, ranging from strategy and technology to efficient daily operations.

Backed by one of the world’s best data protection portfolios, plus local support in more than 100 countries, Fujitsu can transform your IT landscape into an enabler for digital business growth, efficiency and continuity

Being close to our customers is just one of the many reasons why business enterprises trust Fujitsu, especially when it comes to data protection.

Contact CoCre8 to learn more about NetApp SaaS Backup and ETERNUS Data Protection Solutions.

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Protect your data on the hybrid cloud with NetApp and Fujitsu