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Dell EMC PowerStore – Book a live demo today

Data is one of the most valuable assets a business owns – particularly in the data-focused era we are living in.

It is therefore crucial that your business stores this data on hardware that is reliable and powerful.

Enter Dell EMC PowerStore – modern storage systems designed to support both traditional and modern workloads.

PowerStore combines the advantages of cutting-edge storage hardware with the flexibility and simplicity of modern software design, and helps organisations to consolidate their architecture, simplify and automate their systems and services, and realise their digital transformation goals.

Intelligent storage

PowerStore is a data-centric system that supports almost any type of workload, including physical and virtual applications, databases, containers, and files.

It is easy to scale up and down thanks to end-to-end NVMe storage, ensuring that you always get optimal performance and storage capacity, and offers intelligent features that will ensure your storage systems always operate efficiently.

This includes programmable infrastructure that helps to streamline development and automate your workflows.

Automation is also used alongside machine learning to optimise your system resources, while smart monitoring ensures that your risk is reduced, and your future needs are easier to predict.

Always-on data reduction from Intel Quick Assist will then ensure that your costs are lowered while your efficiency improves – all without compromising on performance.

Additionally, PowerStore offers several other benefits such as flexible upgrades, continuous innovation, and seamless migration from existing platforms.

Book a PowerStore demo today

Leading South African technology distributor First Distribution now has a Dell EMC PowerStore  storage system available in its demo centre.

This provides you with a great opportunity to see the PowerStore system in action.

If you would like to book a live demo, click here.

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Dell EMC PowerStore – Book a live demo today