My first Click and Collect experience

Just like many new online shopping converts, it took a pandemic for me to finally get into the habit of buying online.

It seems my paranoia surrounding the security of online transactions has officially been trumped by the paranormal terror that is COVID-19.

But let me tell you it wasn’t easy. After several less than ideal home delivery experiences, I decided to try Click and Collect and this is what I found.

The catalyst for my Click and Collect trial came a few weeks ago after I had the most frustrating experience with an order from a popular Ecommerce store, which I think quite clearly outlined several of the challenges many face with home delivery. 

You might think that being notified that your order is going to be delivered sooner than expected would be met with resounding joy. However, in my case, this meant I had to cancel my entire day to wait on my delivery.

While setting up my home office, once again, I received a call to collect my parcels, so I dashed downstairs, signed for them, dashed back upstairs only to realise that I have another customer’s package in addition to my own. 

In an attempt to remedy the situation, I phoned customer care but was naturally left on hold for what felt like hours.

At this point, I took matters in my own hands, put my cyber sleuthing skills to the test and tracked down the customer on Facebook.

Luckily, she lived close by and came to collect her parcel later during the day.  

Yes, all of this happened to me and, of course, no work was done that day, but I sure had a story to tell and I did. So when my friend suggested Click and Collect, I jumped right on it. 

For my Click and Collect trial, I placed an order through a wellness store, Faithful To Nature, and chose a Pargo Pickup Point that is on my way to work for collection. The day I received my notification, I stopped by the collection point on my way back home.

I walked into the building, got greeted by a friendly attendant who handed over my parcel after signing for it and I was on my way out — just like that.

Not only was I impressed by the speed of collection, but the hygiene precautions the collection point took, like perspex screens and temperature checks, also calmed my COVID-concerns and left me feeling cared for as a customer.

If I could sum up my entire Click and Collect experience in one word it would probably be convenience. I much prefer including the collection of my online shopping in the planning of my day instead of “planning” my day around the indeterminate timing of home delivery.

Even though I still had to travel to pick up my package, it wasn’t out of my way and because the collection was so quick, it really wasn’t a bother. 

Click here to learn more about Pargo Click and Collect.

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My first Click and Collect experience