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Building a smart city with Siklu E-Band Solutions

Both 5G cellular and the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to enjoy widespread adoption in the next few years.

Smart city applications are the primary driver for these enhanced mobile broadband-based 5G services and IoT applications.

However, building a smart city network can be an expensive and slow process and places more pressure on mobile operators to meet the capacity demands of bandwidth-intensive data services.

These services include connectivity for intelligent transportation systems, Wi-Fi hotspots, public safety cameras and broadband connections to municipal anchors such as schools, hospitals, and libraries.

To build a smart city we need to start by embracing technology that can deliver multi-gigabit capacity and is quick and cost effective to deploy, such as wireless E-Band solutions.

E-Band radios enable 5G and deliver the ubiquitous high-capacity and connectivity required by smart cities.

Paving the way in mobile wireless backhaul, Siklu’s field-proven mmWave wireless E-Band, combined with MiRO’s extensive expertise, provides the solution to meet these capacity and connectivity requirements.

With multi-gigabit capacity and physical immunity to interference, E-Band enables the performance and reliability needed for any smart city network.

Siklu’s mission-critical wireless solutions can – and do – play a key role in supporting IoT and smart city applications.

Another example where multi-gigabit capacity is required, is securing critical infrastructure such as power plants, water supplies, ports and rail infrastructure that are in remote and isolated locations.

Remoteness in itself presents challenges in guarding against the disruptions of criminal activity.

High-resolution video, thermal sensors and even radar are all used for activity detection and prevention from tampering and theft.

IoT has made huge advances in many sectors, including asset security.

There are now a plethora of applications available and there is constant improvement to develop efficiencies in such areas as mining, agriculture, logistics and public safety.

Siklu’s wireless E-Band solution means that municipalities and cities can deploy wireless networks that support public Wi-Fi, public safety including video security and emergency response – and support temporary events such as fairs, concerts, and sporting events with gigabits of capacity.

Not only are these Siklu solutions of rugged, mission-critical design and construction, but they are also simple and fast to deploy, combining fibre-like performance with wireless affordability and flexibility.

Deploying E-Band systems does not have to prove a costly and laborious process.

MiRO stocks the full range of Siklu E-band solutions, from the 1Gbps model all the way up to the flagship 10Gbps Etherhaul 8010FX.

They have the expertise to assist you in planning the link as well as to get it performing optimally.

Contact their solutions team today at [email protected] or give them a call at 012 657 0960 for expert advice on how you can start embracing E-Band.

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Building a smart city with Siklu E-Band Solutions