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Get the best possible Black Friday deals with Game throughout November

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated days on the South African retail calendar – with local Black Friday spending up 35% in 2019 compared to the year before.

This year, Black Friday is poised to be a different experience for South Africans, as consumer look to shop smarter and safer amidst COVID regulations.

As the home of Black Friday, Game is changing the face of the retail day and promises not to disappoint.

Customers have come to expect exceptional deals from Game, which was last year’s most Googled retailer for Black Friday.

Game plans its Black Friday campaign over a 12 month period in partnership with its global buyers to ensure customers are getting the most unbeatable deals.

2020 is no exception for Game and despite the challenges presented by COVID, the retailer has gone to extra lengths to ensure its customers and employees can shop with peace of mind in store during the entire month of November.

The idea to spread Black Friday out over 28 days will make the in store shopping experience both safe and comfortable.

And due to the preparation and planning for this important retail calendar day, customers can also expect well stocked stores and can plan their Black Friday shopping experience to take advantage of the weekly deals.

“We look forward to welcoming our customers to stores this November where they can shop the most unbeatable deals for Black Friday,” says Andrew Stein, VP of Game.

“But we cannot stress this enough – the deals are only valid for each week and once they are gone, they’re gone. There will be no additional deals released on 27 November and we urge customers not to wait but rather enjoy the deals throughout the month. These never-to-be-repeated deals will be valid only for the week in which they are announced.”

Besides developing a budget and a wish list for their Black Friday purchases, Stein advises that consumers can take some extra steps to ensure they are getting the best possible deal this Black Friday:

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Take note of partnerships for quicker deliveries on smaller orders

“As a responsible retailer Game will be offering omnichannel experiences for our shoppers this Black Friday, to ensure you are able to shop safely and conveniently,” says Stein.

While Game has committed to a delivery period of 10-14 working days on all Black Friday deliveries, those looking for faster delivery times are in luck. The retailer is extending its partnership with Uber Eats for the month of Black Friday to include delivery of home office essentials from some of its stores.

Be savvy with your salary

“Traditionally, Black Friday takes place on the last Friday of the month, causing consumers to wait for pay day to make their purchases. This year, we’re doing Black Friday differently and shoppers will need to follow suit to ensure they are able to get the best deals,” says Stein.

“Consumers should budget their Black Friday purchases into their October salaries, rather than waiting for their November salaries. By doing this, they will be able to free up some disposable income from their November and December salaries for festive purchases and spending – as we move toward the holiday season,” notes Stein.

Shop with Game to pay 1c for your purchase

Game will reintroduce its popular 1c Price Surprise, which gives every consumer making a Black Friday purchase during the month of November the opportunity to pay only 1 cent for their purchase. This will be applicable to consumers shopping both in-store and online.

“As a responsible retailer, we are excited about bringing this new approach to Black Friday to our savvy Game customers. We are committed to keeping our shoppers safe and comfortable this Black Friday, while ensuring our stores are well-stocked. Game’s got you, and you’ve got Game,” concludes Stein.

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Get the best possible Black Friday deals with Game throughout November