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Call centres – What reporting tools do you really need?

Euphoria Telecom‘s call centre solution prioritises rich, relevant data reporting.

It helps call centre owners and managers maximise agent productivity with a variety of performance reporting tools and provides a holistic view of call behaviour and activity.

But what is the winning formula in terms of reporting? Here are a few must-haves.

Outcome-based reporting

Knowing whether queries were resolved or sales were made – and why/why not – can help refine operational or sales strategies, making positive outcomes more likely.

And an effective call centre solution should provide that insight, with detailed tracking of agent and consumer behaviour and outcomes.

Post-call surveys, first-call resolution metrics, sales per agent reports and cross-channel tracking of customer interactions are key to creating a more intuitive customer experience, and to equipping agents with the skills to keep their customers happy.

Time and attendance tracking

Euphoria’s Agent Workspace allows you to monitor staff’s time and attendance, even when your agents are working remotely.

Time and attendance tracking provide value in more ways than one.

Beyond creating a clearer picture of each agent’s performance, they can help refine scheduling, manage overtime costs and allocate staff with perfect precision.

A user-friendly dashboard

The reporting dashboard is the centre of management’s universe when it comes to tracking KPIs and getting the best performance out of their agents.

The dashboard provides real-time insights on call centre activities and call outcomes.

It can help agents monitor their own call performance or allow team leaders/managers to monitor their staff.

A user-friendly dashboard has all the relevant info on-hand in a visual format that is easily understandable.

For example, rather than plain data being displayed, the dashboard would condense the information into graphs or tables that can be interpreted at a glance.

Scheduled reporting

Scheduled reporting provides automated data based on what is important to the user.

For example, if the user would like to see how many calls went unanswered daily, weekly or monthly, they could schedule a daily, weekly or monthly report, to be delivered to their inbox.

Users choose the frequency at which they would like the reports delivered. And reports can be shared via email in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) tabular format or via an SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) server.

Scheduled reporting sends users the information they need without them having to search for it, making for improved decision-making and better management.

Abandoned call reporting

With inbound call centres, callers will typically drop the call when they are on hold for too long.

Sometimes, callers will hang up and redial if they have accidentally selected the wrong option in the automated call routing process.

Others realise that they don’t have all the necessary information they need on-hand.

When a large number of callers are hanging up before an agent answers, however, it becomes necessary to potentially re-evaluate staffing levels, put more self-help options into place or consider processes that speed up average call times. Abandoned call reporting helps narrow it all down.

Average call time

Average call time reporting can be extremely revealing in the bigger picture. It tracks the average amount of time customers are on hold during calls, and average length of agent/customer interactions.

This reporting tool can provide actionable insight into the overall level of service the call centre is delivering.

It can be used to identify gaps in the service process and can be applied as a tool to boost agent performance across the board.

Reporting done right

Euphoria’s call centre solution offers a completely customisable set of reporting tools that provide a holistic view of the entire operation – from top to bottom.

It’s all-encompassing workforce and process management at the click of a mouse that helps managers and owners put efficiency first.

And when you choose Euphoria, there are no long-term contracts, easy set up and seamless integration.

Get ready to create the smoothest call centre experience possible using the power of data.

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Call centres – What reporting tools do you really need?