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How SolarWinds keeps your business secure

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear to businesses that they need to have rigorous security systems in place across their entire business.

This requires monitoring your systems against a vast range of threats.

Your business should therefore use a network management solution that places a major priority on security – such as SolarWinds.

A solution to fit your needs

SolarWinds understands that each business has its own security needs, and therefore offers businesses the choice between a comprehensive network management system or taking the modular approach.

SolarWinds’ comprehensive solution provides assistance for every security need your business could have, making it a great option for larger businesses, while the modular system allows you to pick and choose the individual elements that your business needs.

Regardless of which of these options best suits your business, SolarWinds will help your business maintain optimal security through its various network management solutions.

The three important business elements you need to protect

SolarWinds has identified the three main assets of your business that are major security risks.

Its range of IT security solutions therefore focus on monitoring and managing these assets to ensure that your business is resilient against a broad range of threats.

  1. Network – This is the largest security resource drain for most businesses, and SolarWinds continuously monitors creates logs and events for potential security threats to make it much easier to detect incidents.
  2. Systems – Unfortunately, your systems are often targeted due to vulnerabilities in the software you use. SolarWinds automates the analysis and updating of these software solutions to ensure any time where software places your business at risk is reduced significantly.
  3. Data – Ultimately, most security threats want to access your data, which is why SolarWinds places a major focus on permissions to ensure that no one has unnecessary access and permissions.

SolarWinds security tools make it much easier for businesses to utilise the Zero-Trust model – which ensures that no access to data is the default setting for all users.

This means that any access a user has to your data is explicitly due to that user having an active need for it.

SolarWinds Security Event Manager

Key to the SolarWinds security offering is the Security Event Manager, which allows users to improve their monitoring of security incidents.

Security Event Manager continuously watches for suspicious activity and responds to this in real time to reduce the impact of these issues.

Responses that can be actioned from the Security Event Manager include blocking IP addresses, changing privileges, disabling accounts, blocking USB devices, and killing applications.

This tool also tracks changes made to files and settings – including deletions, modifications, and permission changes – as these can be signs of malicious activity.

The solution comes with hundreds of pre-built connectors which make it easy to gather logs and centralise them in an easily readable format.

These logs can easily be forwarded to external applications for additional analysis and can also be exported in CSV format – which makes it easy to share this data with the appropriate teams or vendors.

Build your security with SolarWinds and ATS Network Management

SolarWinds understands that not all businesses need the same tools.

What is most important, however, is that your business implements its tools properly.

This is why SolarWinds works with authorised value-add distribution partners, with ATS Network Management a key South African and African partner.

ATS Network Management was established in 1996 to provide its customers with cutting edge network management solutions.

While it is based in South Africa, ATS Network Management has partners in 28 different African countries.

It is focused on helping your business implement SolarWinds solutions that help you protect against numerous security risks through powerful network management tools.

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How SolarWinds keeps your business secure