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Aruba Central – For powerful remote working network management

The big shift to remote working is expected to remain long after the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.

In July, a Gartner survey found that 82% of business leaders planned to permit some form of working from home even as their offices reopened.

47% said they would allow employees to work from remotely full-time going forward.

In order to optimise the productivity of the distributed workforce of the future, businesses will require appropriate management software which gives them oversight of their employees’ online activities during work hours.

Many solutions available on the market are not well-optimised, taking long to set up and configure with too many management tools.

In addition, using this software can result in poor network performance, while troubleshooting issues takes a long time.

Aruba Central 

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, offers a simple, smart, and secure cloud-managed network solution called Aruba Central.

This offering is especially valuable for businesses that have employees working across multiple sites or geographical locations.

Aruba Central is easy to deploy and manage, allowing your IT team to focus less on managing the infrastructure and more on creating value for your business.

It equips IT with complete and comprehensive control of your network – wired and wireless – across all of your sites.

There are no complicated applications or dashboards to learn, and all information is presented in a single interface, eliminating siloed management.

This provides quick and easy access to the data you need to manage, analyse and maintain your networks, devices, and clients. 

Advanced analytics

With Aruba Central, there is no need for your team to work around the clock.

Continuous monitoring capabilities and AI-based analytics provide real-time visibility and insight into what’s happening on your network.

It also supports the ability to create comprehensive alerts that cover device connectivity, network health, and user account activity.

This means you will be able to respond quickly when issues arise. 


Importantly, the solution includes cutting-edge security technology that shields your network from attacks, blocks unauthorised usage, and ensures appropriate user access levels. 

It further offers automated mobile and IoT device security when integrated with Aruba ClearPass.

Once a device connects to your network, it’s automatically identified and categorised. IT can also set predetermined enforcement rules for various devices on the network. 

Get Aruba from Duxbury Networking

Aruba Central is available from Duxbury Networking in South Africa.

This specialist distributor provides a range of products and technical expertise in networking, wireless solutions, IP telephony, mobility, video conferencing, and surveilling.

It boasts more than 35 years of experience in delivering cutting-edge hardware and leading technical services to the market.

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Aruba Central – For powerful remote working network management