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Why AppSec is a critical part of application development

Malicious parties are constantly seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in your systems to steal your data and information.

This is why your applications need to be developed and used in a manner that is secure.

This needs to be the case across all platforms – including desktop, web, mobile, and micro services.

Most successful breaches of organisations’ systems are done in the application layer, which is why Application Security Testing is so important.

This is particularly true now given that businesses are continuously adding new, more complex applications to their IT stacks.

AppSec is also complicated by outsourced development, legacy applications, and in-house development that uses third-party, off-the-shelf software components.

It is these considerations that make AppSec a crucial part of any business security system.

The importance of working together

Many organisations struggle to incorporate security into their development processes because their security and development teams work in their own silos.

The modern organisation needs to break down these silos to ensure their different tech teams are working together to create comprehensive, secure solutions.

Key to this process is having the right tools that make working together simple and ensure that application development is conducted with security in mind.

It is important that these tools integrate with those you are already using, and they should enable you to shift left.

This is achieved through the automation of security-focused tasks within the DevSecOps cycle, which makes it easier to ensure application security is considered throughout the development process without slowing it down.

This is much better than what currently happens in many organisations – where application security efforts only take place once the application is already developed.

Micro Focus Fortify

Leading IT solutions provider Micro Focus offers holistic and comprehensive AppSec solutions that are focused on ensuring your development and security teams can work together to prioritise security in app development.

The suite of Micro Focus Fortify tools achieve this without slowing down the development process, making them a great option for organisations looking to improve their AppSec without hampering their efficiency.

Fortify is currently the industry leading suite of AppSec tools and integrates throughout your entire software development cycle.

Key Micro Focus Fortify tools include:

  • Fortify Security Assistant – Which provides real-time security information regarding your code as it is developed.
  • Fortify Static Code Analyzer – Which identifies and eliminates vulnerabilities in your code, reviews your scan results in real time, and enables collaborative auditing.
  • Fortify WebInspect – Identify risk in existing applications, automate dynamic AppSec testing, validate vulnerabilities in running applications, and streamline the process of fixing them.
  • Fortify Audit Assistant – Use machine learning to leverage scan result metadata to predict and remove false positives.

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Why AppSec is a critical part of application development