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Optimise by Parcelninja – The enterprise-grade courier management solution for South African businesses

Ecommerce experts Parcelninja have launched Optimise, a new all-in-one courier management solution for corporates and large companies who want to streamline their deliveries.

Parcelninja is well-known for its ecommerce warehousing and distribution business, which is the backbone of many large ecommerce operations in South Africa.

Its Optimise solution now separates and removes the “warehousing” aspect for clients, while providing them with a complete courier delivery platform that integrates seamlessly with their existing systems – allowing clients to compare courier quotes in real-time.

 Parcelninja CEO Justin Drennan said Optimise was born out of a strong demand from local companies who had their own warehousing and storage facilities, but needed to improve their courier-selection and last-mile deliveries as online shopping boomed.

“This is not a unique scenario which is exclusive to South Africa. Internationally, it is commonplace for ecommerce and retail players to have their own warehousing and then use a third-party platform to manage all their deliveries to customers,” said Drennan.

“We have also had several companies approach us in the past and tell us they love the Parcelninja service, but they have their own warehouses and only need the courier optimisation and last-mile services we offer.”

Benefits of Optimise

Optimise provides a range of benefits to companies and can easily be integrated with their systems through a single API.

Optimise provides users with a single dashboard through which they can access multiple courier companies and real-time pricing, delivery statuses, and real-time billing, tracking, and support.

Key to a successful supply chain is also holding your partners accountable for the services they offer. Now, through a single interface, companies can get a single view of courier SLAs.

Additionally, Optimise includes returns support, access to on-demand delivery partners for when orders must be shipped immediately, and automated waybill printing.


“As supply-chains becomes more fragmented, with specialised delivery options, businesses need a single point of integration, giving them access to these advanced delivery methods. The couriers who are good at delivery to Koffiefontein are not necessarily the best at a 30-minute delivery to Sandton. You need to pick the right courier for the job – and we make this easier.” said Drennan.

“We make it easy for a company to pick the best delivery partner for their needs, know exactly how much they will pay, and be able to track in real time where their orders are, and then receive a bill straight away – all through a single dashboard and API.”

While Parcelninja’s customers normally save around 25-30% on their courier bill, the biggest benefit they receive is the proactive monitoring of all their orders – which results in a reduction in call center volumes and a general improved customer experience.

“As consumers become more discerning, their expectations regarding delivery have increased dramatically. We want to ensure that our customers are able to offer consumers a variety of delivery options, all managed through a single interface,” said Drennan.

To contact Parcelninja and find out more about Optimise, visit the Optimise website.

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Optimise by Parcelninja – The enterprise-grade courier management solution for South African businesses