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Great time to activate IP Transit and special routes

IP Transit, no matter if you are running an ISP business or OTT, CTG IP product, gives you a direct, high-quality and secure internet connection to global content and eyeballs.

As the world’s largest fi­xed-line and broadband services provider with rich experience in internet business operations, China Telecom Global (CTG) is the best Global Internet Services (GIS) partner for you.

If you have concerns regarding the availability and redundancy of your IP upstream, you should choose China Telecom.

With China Telecom, every IP Transit node comes with at least 3 routes connecting with different international Internet Hubs using different submarine cables systems.

If you need to route to other African countries, you should get the offer from China Telecom. China Telecom’s IP Transit network covers Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and the UAE and also peers with local IXPs.

If you have interest in Asian content or Asian Eyeballs, you should get the offer from China Telecom.

China Telecom is one of biggest players from Asia, and has direct IP Transit from South Africa to Singapore on SAFE, from Kenya to Singapore on TEAMS+BBG, and from Djibouti to Singapore on SMW5/AAE-1, ensuring your traffic doesn’t have to go to Europe first.

If you wish to reduce your cost for IP upstream, contact China Telecom for your Black Friday offer.

  • For IP Transit in Kenya/Uganda, 50% off.
  • For IP Transit in South Africa, 60% off.
  • For IP Transit in Nigeria/Ghana, 40% off.
  • For IPLC(SDH)/IEPL(EOSDH) South Africa to Asia SAFE Cable and South Africa to Brazil WACS+SACS, 50% Off.

Fill in the form below to get your Black Friday offer.

This article was published in partnership with China Telecom.

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Great time to activate IP Transit and special routes