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NetBackup and Azure – The perfect combination

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption and has made it clear that cloud is the future. It has caused many businesses to either begin their cloud journeys, or start using cloud-native tools.

While the importance of the cloud is known by many businesses, it is less commonly known that the journey is as important as the destination.

Transitioning to the cloud is a continuous and comprehensive process that requires businesses to develop a unified, cloud-centric model.

Failure to implement the correct cloud strategy results in a fragmented system that increases the cost and complexity of managing business systems.

A report conducted by Veritas and entitled “The 2020 Ransomware Resiliency Report” finds that organisations that have implemented a cloud strategy, are struggling to identify best practices to ensure that data is both protected and secure.

52% of organisations have had flat or decreased funding levels for IT security during the COVID-19 pandemic, at a time when distributed workforces and increased demand for edge data protection has put additional strain on security resources.

This statistic shows that insufficient investment is creating a resiliency gap that is putting their data at risk.  Enterprises are mostly unaware of who should be responsible for their data being protected against increasing threats and ransomware attacks.

NetBackupTM and the cloud

Veritas NetBackup the leader in enterprise backup and recovery solutions can protect your cloud applications without sacrificing recovery options, scale and speed.

NetBackup provides rapid recovery from catastrophic business events, including everything from lost files and ransomware attacks to data center downtime. From backup appliances to cloud storage, NetBackup integrates at every point in the technology stack to maximize reliability and performance.

Recover at scale with NetBackup Resiliency to become resilient from threats like ransomware. Use immutable storage and access management of data for extra security measures. Prevent any gaps or siloed work by having visibility and reporting of your entire data infrastructure with APTARE™ IT Analytics.

Veritas has built a solution template based on the Azure Resource Manager that is designed to make it easy to deploy a NetBackup instance through Azure’s marketplace.

NetBackupTM 8.3

NetBackup 8.3 is a feature-rich release providing unified data protection from Edge to Core to Cloud to optimise business resiliency, recover at scale, protect any workload, and reduce risk.

  • Strengthen Ransomware Resiliency
  • Integration with CloudPoint and Veritas Resiliency Platform
  • Cloud-to-anywhere
  • Expanded Workload Support

If you would like to learn more about using NetBackup on the Azure cloud, Veritas has published a whitepaper on this topic.

The whitepaper will inform you about:

  • Why cloud adoption is on the rise.
  • Design and implementation of Veritas data protection solutions in Azure.
  • Use cases and best practices to ensure your data is safe in the cloud.

Click here to download the Veritas whitepaper.

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NetBackup and Azure – The perfect combination