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Peach Payments – Five growing e-commerce SMEs talk Black Friday and beyond

E-commerce is exciting and offers many opportunities.

These five business owners, who all partner with Peach Payments to facilitate online payment, share their advice as they get ready to launch Black Friday deals.

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Ever have those busy days where you just can’t get to school to fetch the children or manage their busy schedules?

Soccermom connects drivers and clients to provide safe and reliable transport for children, says owner Evette Barnard.

Why Peach?

  • Soccermom uses Peach’s recurring payments feature via WordPress and WooCommerce, allowing parents to pay a monthly fee for service.
  • We find their technology fresh and up to date internationally.
  • The ability to tokenize and not have to store credit card details is a great security feature.

What’s in store for Black Friday?

Clients signing up for a 12-month subscription to start in January next year will be able to do so at this year’s rate. That gives clients approximately one free month as the rate for next year goes up.

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Advice for businesses wanting to go into e-commerce?

  • Do your homework – fees and costs can quickly add up.
  • Use what is within your understanding and go with a provider that will work with your level of understanding. Some are more user-friendly than others.

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Foxy Mama

When Liezel Fourie was pregnant with her first daughter, she found that when it came to maternity wear, everything looked the same.

She began creating her own range, and launched Foxy Mama three years ago.

Why Peach?

  • It’s a South African payment gateway that works with Wix.
  • They offer a broad range of payment options for customers.
  • The onboarding process was seriously easy and far less complicated than others.
  • I had the quickest response time I have ever had from any support system.
  • They have a personal touch that you don’t get from other providers.

Black Friday specials

We are live with our specials from 23 November until 7 December with discount rates between 20 and 60%.

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Advice to other business wanting to start an e-commerce platform?

 It will never be perfect, just like an artist’s canvas – so just do it.

  • It’s the hardest work I have ever done in my entire life, yet rewarding.
  • You can work in the middle of the night but you do have to set up boundaries and look after yourself too.

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Mode Store

Mode Store offers gaming merchandise, accessories and tech for a niche but fast-growing market.

The company launched on 23 September and will also be launching two stores soon – in Fourways Mall and Canal Walk in Cape Town, says Karl Klöpfer.

Why Peach?

  • Through a process of elimination, the spotlight was left on Peach.
  • We wanted Mobicred because that was important to our business in expanding our customer reach.
  • It is quick and easy to set up.
  • For the customer, we needed a seamless, safe experience as well as a good UX and UI.
  • The back-end is so easy to use and you get all the reports you need.
  • Their service is commendable – even if you are not a large e-commerce player.

What’s in store for Black Friday?

  • We will run aggressive deals that will offer more than just 10 or 20% off. We have a really good deal on licensed t-shirts to look out for, starting nice and early.
  • Offering deals when customers buytwo units is so important. Bitty Boomers Bluetooth speakers for example, are collectables but also allow for stereo sound when you pair two together. They also make ideal festive gifts. Mode customers can score when buying two Bitty Boomers.
  • We are also putting together Cyber Monday deals so look out for those.

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Advice for businesses wanting to go into e-commerce?

  • Don’t be too scared and conservative. Technology changes so quickly and if you don’t move quickly you will get left behind.
  • Once a customer is on your site, make sure the experience is good.

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Solenco – in its current form – started in 2006/7 selling Top Quality Dehumidifiers, Air Purifiers, Evaporative Coolers and more, says Bianca Leonard.

Why Peach?

  • The customer needs to trust the payment method, the information that is given and of course the management of money.
  • We needed a payment portal that would be both efficient and effective in the process and for us to receive the money as soon as possible after the transaction.
  • The other factor was cost.

Advice for other business owners wanting to sell online?

Do it – this is the way to go nowadays. You reach a bigger market than you can imagine.

What Black Friday specials are you running?

  • Hobot Legee 699 is selling for R5999, marked down from R7499
  • Takealot will also be featuring our award winning MeacoFANS in their Blue Dot sale.

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Laini Creations

Laini Creations launched on 20 August 2020, after creator Samantha Gwatidzo struggled to find good, long-lasting quality products. She created a range of chic satin bonnets/doeks and pillow cases and sells them online through her Shopify site.

Why Peach?

  • Support for multiple plugins was important.
  • I use Shopify as a platform and Peach works well with it.
  • The rates are good and it’s easily accessible.
  • It was cost effective and the support and turnaround times were really great.
  • The onboarding was amazing and easy.
  • Very slick and easy for customers – I found a boost in payments when I started with Peach.
  • The fee for refunds and turnaround times are quick and fair.

What is on offer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

  • A week-long special – each day will unlock certain discounts and products
  • For Cyber Monday we will offer coupons and vouchers for a minimum spend.

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What advice do you have for other businesses going online?

  • Don’t be scared – there is not a lot required in terms of upfront capital.
  • Have a reputable brand behind you and be very clear on your mission.
  • Make sure your safety protocols are in place because that is very important to you and customers.
  • Just do it. It is worth it.

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Let Peach Payments help make your e-commerce business a reality.

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Peach Payments – Five growing e-commerce SMEs talk Black Friday and beyond