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7 things you don’t need this Black Friday

Black Friday, the main event in the shopaholic’s annual calendar, is back with another barrage of hot deals and specials.

Since it took off on South African shores in 2014, retailers have enjoyed a consistent uptick in sales.

Black Friday 2020 seems to hold much of the same for businesses with Rand Merchant Bank predicting sales will exceed festive season spending for the first time.

While you might be ready to burn that plastic, it’s important to note that there are a few things you don’t need this Black Friday.

Relax, I’m not here to tell you to scratch that Samsung 98” 8K QLED TV off your list. After the year we’ve had, perhaps counting the hairs on Jason Momoa’s eyebrows is precisely what the doctor ordered.

I’m talking about the things you really don’t need. Here’s a quick list of unnecessaries that you can afford to give a miss this Black Friday.

You don’t need to shop in-store

According to Stats SA, retail store sales plummeted by 50.4% in April, which resulted in a 40% spike in online sales during Lockdown.

While Lockdown regulations may have eased under Level 1, Covid-19 safety precautions are still in place. So, if you’re looking to hang up your mask and skip the multiple sanitisations, why not shop online in the comfort of your own home?

Takealot and other major retailers are all bringing their wares to the digital Black Friday table, giving you the power to skip the crowds and browse from the safety of your couch.

You don’t need to spend a rand

While Black Friday spending is expected to reach an all-time high in 2020, some retailers are running promotions for next to nothing.

Game’s “One Cent Price Surprise” is back after a successful run in 2019. This promotion gives all Game shoppers who purchase any of their Black Friday Unbeatable Deals between 2 – 29 November the chance to pay only one cent for their purchase.

In-store shoppers will receive the good news at the till while online shoppers will be notified within 48 hours and receive a full refund less one cent.

You don’t need to spend at all

Other retailers are giving away goods for mahala. In the build-up to Black Friday, One Day Only will run specials across a wide variety of categories, including tech, apparel and homeware.

The daily deal provider also plans to run 100% off deals on the 27th of November. Fancy a 100% off discount? You’ll need to download their app as these freebies are only available to One Day Only app users.

You don’t need to lose business

In 2019, research from PWC revealed that Black Friday electronic payments (card and EFT) increased by 35% from 2018.

MasterCard has also noted a 40% increase in the use of card payments and contactless technology like Tap & Go since April.

With more shoppers looking to check out with a quick tap of their card, businesses must offer alternative payment solutions to cash this Black Friday.

Mobile payment solution providers – like iKhokha – can offer businesses an affordable alternative. Unlike the banks, iKhokha charges no monthly rental fees and offers business owners the lowest transaction rates in South Africa.

Plus, they’re running Black Friday specials at up to 80% off! So, if you need to start accepting card payments, you can get your hands on the Mover Pro for only R499 or the Shaker Solo for R2999.

You don’t need to set up your new laptop

If you’re a technophobe, then you won’t be left out in the cold on Black Friday. While every national retailer will try throw a laptop into your basket, some are offering aftersales services which could be a dealbreaker.

Electronics and IT services retailer Incredible Connection is offering free Walk Out Working services and extended warranties on their laptops.

These value-adds change every week, so if you’re in the market for a shiny new laptop, make sure you keep an eye out for the best deal.

You don’t need to buy tech

Over the years, Black Friday has become synonymous with electronic goods.

Whether it’s two dads fighting over the last flatscreen or the constant flood of discounted gadgets and gizmos, the world is obsessed with tech at this time of year.

Back home in South Africa, we do things a little differently.

According to GeoPoll, food sales have seen the most considerable rise on Black Friday, increasing by 16% from 2018 to 2019, while supermarkets have recorded a 17% increase in shoppers in recent years.

While supermarkets are undoubtedly preparing for the in-store rush, Checkers is anticipating more online activity this year and is offering up to 50% off on their Checkers Sixty60 delivery service for Checkers app users.

You don’t even need to shop on Black Friday

In 2019, 79% of shoppers took advantage of early bird specials.

That percentage is expected to rise this year as retailers like Makro, Game, Incredible Connection and HiFi Corp look to ease foot traffic during Covid-19 with deals all month long.

Most retailers have already launched their Black Friday specials, both in-store and online.

And with new specials every week, it’s the dedicated shoppers willing to trawl the broadsheets that’ll stand the best chance of snapping up the top deals.

Of course, if we’re talking things you don’t need this Black Friday, we should address the elephant in the room; the fact that you don’t need to shop at all.

But, with approximately 27 million South Africans expected to line up at the feeding trough, wouldn’t you wonder if you’re missing out?

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7 things you don’t need this Black Friday