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Hisense L5 Laser TV – A whole new world of entertainment

Hisense Laser TVs provide colourful and detailed picture quality at a massive scale, creating a new immersive world right within your living room.

You can get this incredible display system at bargain prices from now until the end of December.

Buy the 80-inch Laser TV (80L5) for R39,999 and get a free Hisense HS312 Soundbar valued at R4,999.

Or, for R99,999 you can purchase the 100-inch model (100L5F) and get a free Hisense HS512 Soundbar valued at R7,999.

Both of these offers also include free delivery and installation worth R2,500.

Why choose a Laser TV

Hisense Laser TVs flip conventional wisdom around what is possible with projector-based TV systems on its head, delivering a no-compromise solution that will delight viewers.

Offering 4K Ultra HD resolution, the L5 projects over 8 million pixels onto either an 80-inch or 100-inch screen.

It comes packed with a wide range of powerful hardware and features that will make you the envy of all your guests.

Great detail, stunning colour, and perfect motion

One of the reasons projectors are not always considered a reasonable alternative to conventional back-lit TVs is their performance in well-lit rooms.

With the combination of HDR-level brightness from its X-Fusion Laser Light Source and an Ambient Light Rejecting screen, you will have no issues enjoying all the details of every scene – even in sunlight-flooded rooms – with the Hisense Laser TV.

In addition, the Laser TV packs Pure Colour technology – offering an enhanced colour spectrum that presents images in true-to-life accuracy.

Lovers of action-packed movies, fast-paced sports, and high-intensity gaming will also be blown away by the motion rate of the 100L5, which is several-times faster than what an OLED panel can deliver.

Using MEMC Technology with a microsecond-level processor response time, the Laser TV also delivers moving images with high levels of detail in busy scenes.

Easy on your eyes and low on power usage

Hisense has designed the Laser TV to provide a more natural way of viewing content.

Our eye-friendly feature or functionality blocks the blue light from hurting your eyes.

Due to the use of its passive ALR screen, the Laser TV also consumes around 40% less energy than typical LED TVs, which means it has a lower environmental impact.

In addition, the Laser TV does not contain harmful or regulated materials like beryllium, cadmium, lead, or mercury – found in traditional TVS.

tuv rheinland certified

Seamless setup

Another advantage of the Hisense Laser TV is that its projector has an ultra-short throw distance – which means it can be placed as close as 19cm away from the wall to produce its image.

This means you won’t have to fit it to the ceiling or run cables all over the place to ensure an optimal viewing environment.

To simplify your entertainment setup even further, the 100L5 comes with built-in speakers providing 30W of audio power.

This comes with support for Dolby Atmos technology, providing a virtual surround experience that will envelop viewers in astonishingly clear and rich sound.

There is no need to connect any media players to enjoy all your favourite apps and media either, as the VIDAA TV Smart OS is included with the Laser TV.

This means you can access popular apps like Netflix, Showmax, DStv, YouTube, and Prime Video in an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface directly on the TV.

Get your Laser TV today

Hisense Laser TVs are available from major TV retailers – including Takealot, Game, Makro, Hirsch’s, HiFi Corp, Kloppers and House and Home.

Click here to find out where to buy your Hisense Laser TV.

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Hisense L5 Laser TV – A whole new world of entertainment