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Black Friday fibre specials you need to know about

It’s our favourite time of the year again – Black Friday – and we all know what that means: Specials, fantastic freebies, bargains, and amazing prizes up for grabs.

For people looking to get home connectivity – RSAWEB has the best and biggest Black Friday deals on fibre and fixed LTE.

They have put together not only one, but five different yet equally rewarding connectivity specials to suit a wide array of online needs.

On top of this, they have tonnes of amazing prizes up for grabs for anyone purchasing one of their Black Friday specials – including a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S.

Here are RSAWEB’s Black Friday 2020 connectivity specials.

Fibre Live Areas

In all live Openserve, MetroFibre, & Link Africa areas, RSAWEB are offering everyone that orders Fibre with one free month of connectivity – no matter the size of the package chosen.

That means that you can potentially get a 200Mbps up and down fibre package worth R1,850 for absolutely free for a whole month.

The potential savings associated with this deal are truly amazing.

Take advantage of this one-month-free special in selected live Fibre areas today.

Fibre in Upcoming Areas

For people residing in pending pipeline areas that haven’t yet been equipped with Fibre infrastructure, RSAWEB hasn’t forgotten about you.

Quite the opposite really, they’ve teamed up with all of their Fibre Network partners to not only offer you an entire month free once you finally get connected, but to also completely cover your connectivity fees.

This means that you could potentially save up to R4,750 on your first month alone, without taking RSAWEB’s standard savings structure into account that includes a free-to-use premium router, 1 free gig of mobile data each month to use at your leisure, and so much more. T&Cs apply.

If you live in a pending Fibre area, order Fibre from RSAWEB now so you can start saving when your area goes live.

Switch to Fibre and Save special – Octotel and Vumatel

ADSL is dying, and fibre is the new norm.

As ADSL infrastructure starts to disappear more rapidly by the month, it’s important that those still connected with ADSL connectivity swap over to fast Fibre before they get left without any connectivity.

RSAWEB realised that this could potentially happen to lots of people, and in response has created a great Black Friday special that will allow them to effortlessly and affordably switch their ADSL connection over to fast fibre.

They have partnered up with two fibre network partners –  Octotel and Vumatel – to make this special possible.

All customers switching from ADSL to RSAWEB Fibre in all Octotel areas, whether they are currently live or still pending the building of Fibre infrastructure, will receive one month absolutely free – no matter the size of the Fibre package they go for.

Now that’s a great deal that people still using ADSL services should jump on right away.

Switch and save with RSAWEB and Octotel – swap from ADSL to Fibre and get your first month for FREE.

Customers that switch from their current network operator to Vumatel Fibre will have their set-up fees completely covered by RSAWEB and Vumatel – saving them a whopping R2,720.

Initial set-up fees can often frighten away potential fibre purchasers, and what this amazing deal does is completely eliminate any reason for people looking to switch to be spooked or scared off – so they can finally take the step to switch to the quickest form of connectivity on the market.

Switch from your old internet provider to fast Fibre with Vumatel and RSAWEB and they will zero-rate your set-up fees.

Switch to Frogfoot and RSAWEB and get 1 month free

Switch, save and get better service with Frogfoot and RSAWEB. If you aren’t happy with your current service provider, RSAWEB and Frogfoot have a great deal for you.

When you switch from your existing fibre and internet service provider to Frogfoot and RSAWEB, you get your first month absolutely free. Don’t settle for sub-par service – make the switch today! T&Cs Apply.

Switch Fibre and service providers today to RSAWEB and Frogfoot to save.

The Best LTE deal on the market

This is the best fixed-LTE deal we’ve ever seen, and you can take advantage of it today – saving yourself a whopping R2,450 while you’re at it.

Traditionally, customers would have to order SIM + Router Rental packages in order to get a router with their Fixed-LTE offering at a slightly-higher monthly rate.

With RSAWEB, when you order any 100Mbps SIM-only MTN Fixed-LTE package, you get a router free of charge.

With this deal, you get to enjoy the low SIM-only prices AND you get the router absolutely free.

This truly is a deal that those looking to get Fixed-LTE connectivity should take advantage of as we doubt that we’ll see the likes of it ever again. This promotion only applies to the first 100 orders, so get your order in quickly.

Save up to R2450 and order this amazing Fixed-LTE deal today with RSAWEB.


Anyone ordering one of RSAWEB’s amazing Black Friday connectivity deals will stand to win their share of amazing prizes up to the value of R73,000.

All you have to do is place your order and you’ll be entered into the draw.

On top of this, you will be entered into the draw to win one of our grand prizes – a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series S – enabling you to truly put your new connectivity to the test as you experience a whole new world of gaming.

Order Fibre, LTE, or upgrade your old ADSL line today to stand a chance to win amazing prizes.

Find all deals in one place

One thing RSAWEB noticed this year is that quite a few ISPs remained rather quiet during this year’s Black Friday extravaganza.

RSAWEB on the other hand is making its voice heard by offering some of the best Black Friday Internet deals.

Click here to take advantage of one of RSAWEB’s amazing deals today.

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Black Friday fibre specials you need to know about