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LIVA Mini PCs – Compact computers that pack a punch

While allowing you to stay productive, conventional desktop PCs can take up a lot of space and be difficult to move around your home or office when needed.

Fortunately, major advancements in manufacturing processes have helped to scale down computer hardware to deliver reliable performance in smaller forms.

Advantages of Mini PCs

  • Size: Mini PCs take up a much smaller space than traditional desktop PCs with their compact size.
  • Cost: Mini PCs are affordable and cost less to operate.
  • Energy Consumption: These devices consume less power than traditional PCs.
  • Convenience: Can be used for various applications across industries.

Elitegroup Computer System (ECS) in Partnership with Centurion Micro Electronics (CME) offers the perfect solution for those seeking strong computing performance in a compact and lightweight solution – the Liva Mini PC.

LIVA PCs are mini PCs which defy conventions about what a desktop computer should look like.


The LIVA Z2V, for example, is smaller than a lunchbox and takes up less volume than a large soda can, making it one of the smallest mini PCs of its kind.

It comes with Windows 10 Pro installed and is powered by a quad-core Intel N4100 processor paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage.

LIVA PCs also offer a dual storage design with a super-fast 64GB eMMC M.2 drive, and an additional 2.5-inch hard drive bay providing space for an additional 1TB storage, enabling you to store your movies and media on the device as well.

Ports galore

The LIVA Z2V has no shortage of ports for connecting peripherals, media storage, and output devices.

Included are 3 x USB 3.1 and 2 x USB 2.0 Type-A ports, as well as a USB 3.1 Type-C port ensuring you won’t need a USB Hub ever again.

For video output, users have the option of an HDMI or VGA port, while an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi will keep you connected to the internet.

Ideal for a wide range of applications

The LIVA’s compact size is perfect for use in an office environment, as a thin-client in service centres, point-of-sale devices or for digital signage.

With VESA mounting you can attach the LIVA either at the back of a display or out of sight.

The Kensington Lock also provides additional safety, allowing you to attach the unit to a non-movable item.

It can also be used in meeting rooms for presentations by connecting the unit to the projector and presentations can be plugged directly into the Mini PC with a flash drive.

The LIVA Z2V is also perfect for schools and universities by providing a complete computer for students to use. If institutions prefer to install their own Windows licenses, the LIVAs are also available without Windows pre-installed.


The LIVA Z Mini PC redefines the look of a desktop PC while only using 10% of the power and offering similar performance.

This LIVA comes with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed and is powered by an Intel Atom N3350 Processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage. The RAM can be upgraded to 8GB.

Plentiful ports and strong Wi-Fi

The LIVA Z has 2 x Gigabit LAN ports, 4 x USB 3.0 (1 x USB 3.0 and 3 x USB 3.0) 1 HDMI port and 1 mini Display Port.

The computer uses the lightning fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi protocol, delivering the highest network speeds for content delivery, video streaming and productivity.

4K video playback

With Intel HD 500 series integrated graphics, the LIVA Mini PC provides ultra-realistic 4K visuals with breath-taking levels of detail.

This means you can enjoy high-quality visuals when watching your favourite movies, TV shows, or other video content on an external 4K display.

This makes the LIVA PC a great option for a powerful media box in your lounge for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Disney Plus, Hulu, DSTV Now, and Showmax.

Why choose a LIVA Mini PC

LIVA Mini PCs are perfect to be used in environments where there is limited space available.  They are easy to transport providing flexibility for customers.

There are a variety of different applications where the LIVA Mini PC can be used such as digital signage, schools & universities, point of sale, document processing, audio and visual, entertainment management systems, media servers, working from home and many more.

Centurion Micro Electronics

CME has nearly 30 years of experience in supplying embedded, industrial and commercial PC products to the South African market. CME offers a wide product range and the ability to source, import and distribute technology products. They are located in Centurion, Gauteng.

The CME team has a wealth of experience in providing the best technology solutions and their technical team can support you with large projects and hardware setup/testing.

To buy a LIVA PC from CME or on, click on one of the links below or contact them on [email protected].

LIVA Z2V Ultra Compact

LIVA Z Ultra Compact

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LIVA Mini PCs – Compact computers that pack a punch