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The one website South African ICT decision makers visit every day

There is only one place where you can reach all South African IT and telecommunications decision makers – MyBroadband.

In October, MyBroadband attracted a readership of over 2 million unique browsers and served these readers over 7 million pages.

What makes this readership unique is that the majority are IT decision makers in their companies and households.

The latest IAB SA and Narratiive statistics provide a detailed breakdown of MyBroadband’s readership:

  • 45,000 CEOs and Company Directors
  • 242,000 Business Owners
  • 1 million IT Managers and Executives

This is the exact audience South African IT and telecoms companies want to reach and engage with to promote their products and services.

Considering the value of this audience, it is no surprise that MyBroadband has seen a spike in marketing campaigns this year.

Companies are now looking for marketing channels which give the highest ROI and excellent value-for-money, which is what MyBroadband is known for.

MyBroadband Director Cara Muller said most ICT companies moved their traditional marketing budgets – like print, TV, radio, and outdoor – to digital channels to follow their clients, who now spend more time online.

These digital marketing campaigns are showing exceptional results, with record levels of engagement.

To find out more about what MyBroadband can offer your company, visit MyBroadband’s marketing page.

This article was published in partnership with MyBroadband.

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The one website South African ICT decision makers visit every day