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Media24 and Huawei Mobile Services – Giving you the latest news updates at your fingertips

Communication and Information Technology has evolved tremendously throughout the past decade and can be experienced through our laptops, tablets, but more specifically: our cell phones.

Mobile phones have become a vital resource as we are now able to access important information at the click and swipe of a button.

HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) has noticed this transformation and has therefore partnered with Media24 to further advance mobile technology and information accessibility.

News24, South Africa’s leading and most trusted source of news, with 55 newspapers and 18 magazines, has partnered with Huawei to be the exclusive provider of a free news feed on the new generation of Huawei smartphones.

The news feed will provide article headlines and thumbnail images directly to Huawei’s Smart Assistant pages on their customers’ phones.

Ishmet Davidson, CEO of Media24 said: “Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen a rise in readership as people search for a trusted source to keep up to date with news and data. Media24 is therefore delighted with the launch of our news feed as it allows us to reach more of our readers who will now be able to read News24 on their new Huawei devices.”

“Readers using Huawei phones have always been a large portion of our audience and we believe that their new generation of devices will accelerate this as News24 will now even be easier to access,” Ishmet said.

The news feed is run under HMS’ Smart Assistant; an instant access service and personal assistant to some of your most important resources and appointments on your Huawei device.

By swiping right onto your minus one (-1) screen from your home screen, a convenient world of credible news bulletins and lifestyle content appears for your consumption.

“We have been in negotiation with Media24 for this newsfeed for quite a while. The negotiation included quite a lot of commercial collaboration as well as technical development to get this newsfeed up and running” says Christopher Middleton, Deputy Director Ecosystem Development at Huawei.

“News24 wants to provide the most credible, informative news for users in South Africa. At Huawei, we want to provide our users with the best user experience, so this is a great partnership.”

In the recent past, radio, newspaper, and television were the only modes of getting the daily news updates across the South African media landscape.

However, with the inception of the digital world, mobile users can now use platforms like the News24 news feed to keep up to date with the latest news from any place, anytime at the swipe of a button.

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Media24 and Huawei Mobile Services – Giving you the latest news updates at your fingertips