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Prepare your website for peak traffic – And not just on Black Friday

Ecommerce demand has soared during the COVID-19 pandemic, while Black Friday brings tremendous spikes in traffic for online retailers.

Additionally, there is always the chance that your business receives an unexpected boost in traffic due to unexpected exposure.

In all of these scenarios, as well as many others, it is critical that your website does not buckle under the pressure of increased usage and visitors.

Leading enterprise software provider Micro Focus understands how important it is that your business is resilient against large spikes in online traffic, which is why it has developed LoadRunner Cloud.

LoadRunner Cloud

LoadRunner Cloud is a tool from Micro Focus which allows you to plan for large spikes in online traffic.

“It has been around for over 20 years, and most people who are in the testing community are aware of it,” said EOH Europe Business Manager of DevOps Enablement Stephen Brooker.

It simplifies the process of stress testing your website as well as your mobile apps through a flexible testing model.

LoadRunner Cloud simulates any network type through built-in network emulation and scales up to over 5 million virtual users.

Once you have run your simulations, you can access extensive analytics data to create reports that breakdown where your systems are strong and when they need improvement.

Another major benefit of LoadRunner Cloud is that it is billed using a pay-as-you-need model, which means you don’t spend money for features and services you don’t use.

How LoadRunner Cloud improves your testing

While many businesses use opensource tools to test their websites and systems, these are not comparable to a tool with the power and functionality of LoadRunner Cloud.

“Because of how its been developed and its heritage, it has features that make it more efficient to use in the long run,” explained Brooker.

For example, it is critical that all browsers provide a consistent UX theme, but many businesses will not have the resource to test on all sorts of devices – as this can be incredibly expensive.

LoadRunner Cloud emulates a variety of browsers to solve this problem for your business at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, because LoadRunner Cloud is hosted in the cloud, it makes it much easier for your teams to create test infrastructure without needing to worry about physical equipment.

The cloud functionality of this tool also means it is much easier for you to test for large spikes in traffic by procuring this sort of simulated traffic through cloud resources.

The tool allows you to create hundreds of load generators on demand across over 20 global cloud regions, too – simulating over five million virtual users with ease.

“When our LoadRunner customers start using the product, they don’t move away from it,” said Brooker.

“It just works – it is a reliable product that does exactly what it needs to do.”

Get the free LoadRunner Cloud trial

Now is a great time to test LoadRunner Cloud beacuse Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the festive season are all at the top of businesses’ minds.

Micro Focus has you covered thanks to a free 30-day trial of LoadRunner Cloud for which you do not need to enter any credit card information.

Click here to download the free LoadRunner Cloud trial now.

This article was published in partnership with Micro Focus.

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Prepare your website for peak traffic – And not just on Black Friday