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There’s always an ‘I’ in Teams

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Phil Jackson.

Can anyone remember life before this new normal? Face-to-face meetings, conferences and workshops, business trips and visits to customers? When work created myriad opportunities to collaborate and interact in person.

Our transition to online and a new way of work was sudden. We navigated challenges with technology, user learning and behaviour, connectivity and bandwidth all from the kitchen table. Alone.

Remote working, a company policy once the envy of so many office workers, is now the norm. As we move towards the end of our first Covid year it’s clear that work will now be hybrid.

A mix of office and remote, a merging of the best of both worlds. The nature of work has become more fluid and dynamic.

Offices might be smaller, but more dispersed. Employees will be measured on output, not time spent at their desk. And because of remote working, employees’ decisions on where to live are no longer dependent on proximity to the office but rather quality of life.

Companies will begin recruiting the best talent sourced from around the world as geography is no longer a pre-requisite. The implications of this new way of working are far-reaching.

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The success of this accelerated digital transformation rests on the quality of the tools as well as the organisation’s ability to think ahead and anticipate how we will work and the impact of remote working on organisational culture.

Organisations must consider how best to nurture the role and needs of each individual within the larger dispersed team.

The expectation of technology to bridge the online gap and enable collaboration and connect teams is considerable.

This connection must be seamless to allow switching from customer calls to team meetings, collaborative workshops and senior reports quickly and effortlessly. And it must be implemented easily and efficiently, without the need for extensive IT support.

Poly and Microsoft’s long-term partnership delivers a Teams-ready solution. Whether employees are in an office, conference room, contact centre, on the road, or at the kitchen table, Poly devices are easy to set up and use and their outstanding service and support facilitates a quick migration.

Every product from phones, headsets and video all work seamlessly for Microsoft Teams.

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For individuals these tools take the hassle out of connection so they can focus on the job at hand instead of navigating technical challenges. For organisations Poly offers an end-to-end, global, single-source managed turnkey solution.

Simply put, Poly will connect your employees and customers so they can grow your business.

No one knows what the future holds. What we do know is that we need to remain resilient and open to new opportunities within the chaos.

As we increasingly rely on the power of collaboration and teamwork, we look to evolving technology solutions to keep moving forward, together.

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There’s always an ‘I’ in Teams