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Adobe Connect 11 enables you with the real power of virtual presence

Since lockdown measures were implemented, people around the world have been firing up video conferencing tools to replace in-person meetings, lectures and training.

For many, being thrust into a WFH way of life was further complicated by confusing video conferencing software and socially awkward interactions.

“The Adobe Connect virtual environment lets users join meetings, webinars and classrooms from their homes, where they can continue to be productive and socially engaged” explains Jeremy Matthews, CEO Dax Data.

“The power of the solution lies in its ease of use and flexibility, allowing for multiple use cases and seamless interactions that break the tyranny of distance” continues Matthews.


In September, the evolving tech giant released Adobe Connect 11, further enhancing what is already a robust solution.

Adobe Connect 11 powered by HTML5 boasts a new user experience through the new modern browser and Windows desktop application, making it even easier to navigate the platform.

“Adobe Connect 11 is the start of a new era for Adobe Connect with HTML5 (replacing Flash) at its core. This supports the ‘always on – always ready’ premise that made the platform accessible without plugins or downloads” says Matthews.

“The new release enhances this powerful and functional eLearning, webinar and virtual meeting solution.”

Adobe Connect 11 is a dynamic solution allowing users to seamlessly move through the phases of live events – from a virtual lobby room, to presentation, feedback and review, using pre-made layouts.

With this new version, two features that have long been lauded – Persistent Breakout Rooms and Layouts, are significantly improved.

Persistent breakout rooms in Adobe Connect enable facilitators to setup and customise rooms days or weeks in advance. Adobe Connect has improved breakout rooms with two new features:

  • Hosts can now name their breakout rooms.
  • A new rotate button enables hosts to rotate groups to the next breakout room.

Layouts are a fundamental part of the Adobe Connect experience. They can be used to structure a session – like a live storyboard – or dynamically address multiple use cases within a single room.

Adobe Connect 11 makes it easier than ever to manage your layouts with a new Manage Layouts view for the panel. An option to Lock Layouts ensures that pods and layouts cannot be moved or resized.

Adobe Connect’s customisable and extensible platform is an ideal solution for a multitude of online communication needs, from webinars, conferences, and live training. Put the real power of virtual presence in your hands with Adobe Connect.

Contact Dax Data to find out how Adobe Connect can be used in your business.

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Adobe Connect 11 enables you with the real power of virtual presence