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Why car insurance is essential for South African motorists

Some South African motorists see car insurance as a grudge purchase, but it can cover you for unforeseen circumstances.

It is understandable why motorists are looking for ways to save money as saving money, especially for a rainy day, is important.

How can South Africans save money on car insurance, and why is car insurance essential?

Only one-third of South African motorists have car insurance

This warns us that we should all drive defensively and always obey the rules of the road.

The general condition of South Africa’s roads and the accompanying accident statistics are sobering facts that motorists have to face daily.

Often motorists do not have the extra money to fix their cars to be in a roadworthy state after an accident, which is when a pay-out from an insurer could come in handy.

Can car insurance be affordable?

Choice is a wonderful freedom that all South Africans enjoy and cherish today.

In order to try and save money, perhaps try public transport for your daily commute to reduce the risk of a car accident and to rather get car insurance that costs less if you drive fewer kilometres per month.

Do you work from home? Your insurer may give you a discount. Speaking of discounts, have you asked your current car insurance company for a discount?

The monthly premium for third-party car insurance can be very affordable, which would offer cover for vehicle damage relating to a third-party accident.

Third-party car insurance could also include a growing cover benefit that protects the policyholder’s vehicle as well for the damages sustained in an accident.

Do you need car insurance?

Perhaps it’s a question of getting the best car insurance that suits a motorist’s needs and their wallet? Are you shopping for affordable car insurance? Why not consider getting affordable car insurance with PMD that includes unique benefits such as fixed premiums* and a reduce to zero excess*?

Disclaimer: Please view this article only as information. Please get advice from a certified financial advisor should you wish to purchase a car insurance product.

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Why car insurance is essential for South African motorists