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How SnapScan is helping small-scale farmers in the Cape Flats

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One of the greatest benefits of technology is its ability to transform lives.

A great example of this is how Umthunzi Farming Community uses SnapScan to economically empower small-scale farmers in the Western Cape.

Umthunzi Farming Community was established in March 2018 to provide capacity building, sales, and logistics support to small-scale farmers to distribute their vegetables across Cape Town.

Over the last few years, Umthunzi Farming Community has been developing an end-to-end digital and practical business management solution that empowers small-scale farmers to sell their fresh produce to individuals and other local businesses.

Technology underpins everything Umthunzi Farming Community does, as well as how customers are able to pay for their vegetables.

As Umthunzi Farming Community has grown, they’ve evolved their online shop to include a SnapScan ecommerce integration where people can buy weekly Harvest Bags of fresh, seasonal, and organic produce, as well as other pantry items.

Through increased sales, Umthunzi Farming Community has injected almost R3 million into the communities in which they work.

How SnapScan helps

SnapScan is a core part of Umthunzi’s ecommerce platform.

On the Umthunzi website, customers can use the SnapScan app to pay for their Harvest Bag, a handpicked variety of organic, seasonal vegetables. According to Umthunzi Farming Community, SnapScan is used by most of their customers.

“It’s a really simple process – you go through to your cart, you check out, and then you can choose to use SnapScan to make the payment,” said Emma Hosking, co-founder and director of Umthunzi Farming Community.

“If you’re on your browser, it brings up the QR code – it’s a super easy process to take out your phone and snap the code.”

The SnapScan app ensures prompt payment, so that Umthunzi has accessible cash flow to pay the farmers quickly and regularly once sales are made.

Hosking also noted that the SnapScan payment process is incredibly secure, which is another big benefit of using this method.

Users must enter a PIN, use FaceID, or fingerprint recognition to protect against fraudulent transactions.

SnapScan also encrypts your card details, and these details are never shared with merchants.

Use SnapScan for your business

Umthunzi Farming Community is just one example of the many businesses which are receiving major benefits by using the SnapScan service, and there are many merchants nationwide who use the SnapScan platform to make payments simple for their customers.

The fact that SnapScan is so widely used is a major advantage of the technology, as it means there are many South Africans who have already installed the app.

Using SnapScan as a shopper is as simple as downloading the free app, adding your card details, and then scanning a QR code.

SnapScan is used by businesses of all sizes and in all industries – click here to join the ecosystem.

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How SnapScan is helping small-scale farmers in the Cape Flats